yoga and coach ibiza

Yoga and Coach Ibiza

Tomás Gómez is one of Ibiza's most experienced Yoga teachers. Tomás runs Yoga and Coach Ibiza. He offers regular group, private classes and yoga retreats all across the island.

yoga and coach ibiza

Tómas discovered Yoga while working as a Social Educator over 15 years ago. He was exploring ideas in non-regulated education, that he went to India and tried Yoga for the first time. He started to feel it's benefits, realised he had to stay and study more. Since then, he's studied a wide range of yoga styles including Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. under some incredible teachers.

I breath, I swim in the sea and introduce positive thoughts
yoga and coach ibiza

A wide variety of Courses, Classes and Retreats

Tómas offers the following courses

  • ​Learn to breath
  • The basis of therapeutic yoga
  • Learn to meditate in your daily life
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Connect with your partner
  • Personal development techniques for your everyday life

He also organises retreats and courses encompassing meditation and mindfulness, shamanic ceremonies of all kinds and Ayurvedic healing.

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yoga and coach ibiza

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