What makes a successful personal trainer?

While success might mean something different to everyone, there are times when it is easily quantified. In a work scenario, for example, success might be the number of clients you on board, it could be displayed in the analytics. As a personal trainer, success will depend on both the feedback from your clients, and the amount of work that you are bringing in each month. If your clients consistently tell you that they love your sessions together and are raving about you to their friends, then you can usually take this as a positive indicator of success. If you are having to turn clients away because you are simply booked up, then go ahead and treat yourself to an extra-large peanut butter protein shake.

If you can’t find anything that tells you that you are hitting your goals, then what are you doing wrong? What really makes a successful personal trainer?

1. Personality

Sorry if you’ve got the personality of a piece of sliced white bread, but personal training requires a certain amount of charisma. You didn’t get into this career to sit blandly behind a computer screen, grunting at binary code – this is a job which has its foundations in dealing with people. More than that, it is about making people feel good about themselves and be the best they can be. The world of health and fitness can seem intimidating to the uninitiated, so you need to be the one that makes your client feel comfortable and confident in the gym. Having personality and charm is part of this – be a chatter who can breeze through small talk whilst remembering the names of your client’s kids and you will get recommendations in no time!

2. Knowledge

Your form needs to be impeccable. Your understanding of nutrition needs to be unrivalled. Your memory for stretching needs to be top notch. You have to have the knowledge to back up your brand. If you aren’t an authority on everything within your space, then how can you expect others to trust your advice? When you are working in the health sector, you have a responsibility to be on top form when it comes to knowing your stuff – a mistake can be costly if it means someone goes away, trains with bad form and has an injury!

3. Relevance

If you love the industry that you are in, then this one shouldn’t be too difficult to implement. The most successful individuals in any business nowadays are the ones that stay relevant. This means you should read up on everything and anything happening in the industry at the moment. This might refer to an in-depth broadsheet article about new nutrition guidelines, or it could be a controversial Instagram post by Kayla Itsines. Make sure you are acquainted with the ins and outs of the health and fitness community and have your finger on the pulse at all times.

4. Marketing

Successful personal trainers are the ones that know how to market themselves. If you haven’t done some research into how to properly market your brand, then stop everything and do that now. These days validation via social media counts for a lot, whether you like it or not. If you have a large following and a dedicated fan base online, then you are likely to see footfall in real life too. It might seem insane to anyone that isn’t a millennial, but there is such a thing as believing what you see on social media, and if what you see is something with hundreds and thousands of adoring fans, then you are more likely to trust their advice and invest in their ideas. Ergo, you need a social following!

5. Time

Ever heard the phrase: success doesn’t happen overnight’? If you have ever worked on your physique then I’m sure that you know how true those words are. It doesn’t matter what weights you are lifting or how clean you are eating, you simply cannot rush progress. Professional success generally runs along the same principle. Sure, there might be a tiny proportion of the population who were catapulted to success via luck, but there’s no point banking on the same fortune to fall on you. Take your time and strive for persistence and eventually you will far surpass the level of success that you were aiming for.

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