How to Promote Yourself: Creating the right creative: what content works?

Visual content is what drives social media, it’s the main purpose and attraction of the platforms. As there is so much visual content from the millions of users worldwide that are subscribed to these platforms, it is easy for your content to be lost, drowned out or simply uninteresting, therefore its important that you try to stand out and get noticed.

What tools can you use?:

There is a vast range of different tools you can use to create compelling visual creative to be used as content for your social media. Listed below are just a few of many that you may find useful:

- Photoshop: Photo editing desktop software

- Sketch: Visual design desktop software

- Final Cut Pro: Video editing desktop software

- Movie Maker: Video editing desktop Software

- Boomerang: Video manipulating mobile app

- Visco: Image editing mobile app

- Splice: Video editing mobile app

- Moldive: Photo editing mobile app

This list is not the be all and end all! Browse the respected app stores or internet and find any app or software that works for you, there are plenty out there that will do the trick.

How to make your visuals tell the story:

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A great indicator of whether your image or photo is good is if you do not need to explain anything. A photograph telling a story doesn’t need to be explained.

Photography is visual communication medium. You need to follow two basic principals to make your visuals tell the story: do not manipulate your scene, and what you are photographing must be real.

The best formulae you can use for getting a good photo that tells a story is by combining good composition, action, and emotions. If you are able to engage with your subject mixing those three elements, you will be able to get a good photograph.

If you can display facts and affairs, you have a good photo but if you are able to evolve those facts in something emotionally stimulating you are on to a winner! If you want emotions in your photos you need people around” Include people in your frame. Look for the faces, not for the backs, but also be aware that body language in human beings is another way of communication so a full body can also express an array of emotions.

Video is a different ball game as not only does it have visual but also is blessed with the advantage of sound. When making video content you have a lot more freedom to portrait a story because you can literally play out a whole story and use audio to explain it. Don’t go overboard and make a video way too long trying explain a story in every little detail. Keep it short, only gloss over the exciting and interesting things and use some cinematography to make the recording look awesome!

​Make sure you use:

- Transitions: to break up the content so it is easier to digest and doesn’t become boring.

- Music: music is a powerful tool to tap into the emotion of people.

- Timer: Keep your videos concise, aim to deliver a story in maximum 1 minute, to prevent people falling off when watching something for too long.

What types of content generate the best engagement?

1. VIDEO - What has proven time and time again to generate the highest level of engagement on social media is video, it generates more views than images do likes and comments, not to say that those images have been viewed any less but it isn’t measurable in terms of trying to gauge levels of exposure, so therefore less valuable. One thing to be wary of is that a view is counted whether the video is played all the way to the end or not so if you are using video to try and gain exposure on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube be sure to do some more extensive research into length of time video is played for, how many times video was played, etc.

2. BOOMERANG – This ingenious idea has been something of a phenomenon working as an almost live photo which actually captures a moment, not just a snapshot of it. This tool generates extremely high levels of engagement on social media.

3. IMAGES – Imagery is obviously the pioneering feature of social media, existing long before video, boomerang and filters. Engagement for images is still going strong but the only shift in levels of engagement for images has been is that people are more incline to engage with high quality and well set imagery. Be sure to have your camera in proper focus when taking photos and don’t be afraid to use filters to enhance the quality oh your photos. Also make sure you have a good setting for your image, for example; a good location, a well set table, a nicely designed room, etc. This will help boost the engagement levels of your images.

4. TEXT – Using simple text posts has really low levels of engagement simply because they just do not stand out! Social media is filled with millions of pieces of content that would take endless amounts of time to scroll through, so content needs to stand out in order for people to stop, look at it and take it in. Simple text posts are just not compelling enough for people to stop and look at unless it is from someone they have a connection with on social media that they have a significant connection with offline also.

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