The Value of Testimonials and Reviews for Sports Instructors

The Value of Testimonials for Sports Instructors

Nothing is more powerful for an independent sports business than word of mouth. So having clients tell potential customers about what you do is hugely valuable. In addition, reviews/testimonials offer your potential clients a way to find whether your service is worth buying or not – in your case, whether you will help them achieve their goals or not (e.g. learn to dance, lose weight, learn to ski, etc).Did you know that…

  • 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision (Source)
  • A 2015 Nielsen survey found that 83% of respondents trusted recommendations from people they knew, while 70% trusted consumer opinions posted online. Every online review counts!
  • 73% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant (Source)

The power of reviews is that positive ones will help you market your independent sports business, fitness studio or coaching services, whilst negative ones will help you learn how to improve.

The Value of Testimonials for Sports Instructors


On top of that, there are lots of other benefits you can get from online reviews. Here some of the key ones,

Key Benefits

  • Good reviews = new clients
  • Great and free content for your website and Social media
  • Google loves them too – Online reviews/testimonials will have a positive impact on the rankings of your website in Google Search. The higher the position, the more clicks you get which in turn can result in better conversions
  • Positive reviews will help you build trust amongst your current as well as new clients. In addition, expert
  • You can use them offline – leaflets, ads in local Newspapers, etc.

People who have happily used your service, visited your gym or practiced in your yoga studio are possibly the best marketing tool you have. A happy customer who tells their friends, colleagues and family is hugely valuable. If they also happen to be well connected on social media, even better.

Every online review that recommends your sports instructor business is a powerful form of marketing

All you need to do is give people the opportunity to review your independent sports business. Then just use what they told you to convince others to try you out. But remember to make it easy for clients to leave their feedback and then be creative when you use that material.

Without a doubt, online reviews and testimonials are critical for your sports business. If you want more new clients, getting reviews from your current ones should be one of your key priorities.

Ok I Got It But How Do I Get Them?

In the next article, I will be looking at different ways you can ask for a testimonial and also how you can maximise the benefits of online reviews to get more clients. Keep an eye out on OffPeaks blog or signup to our Newsletter to get the tips straight into your mailbox.



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