Top 5 Productivity Tips for Sports Instructors

Top 5 Productivity Tips for Sports Instructors

Time is precious. That is why as a sports instructor or coach, people want to work with you. They know that you can get them results faster and more consistently than if they were on their own. That is also why you have to maximise your efficiency if you want to build a profitable and sustainable independent sports business. Here are our top five tips for productivity for sports instructors. And remember to add your own at the end of this post.

1 Set time aside for your admin in your calendar and stick to it

Top 5 Productivity Tips for Sports Instructors - set time aside for your admin

Admin is probably not the reason you set up your independent sports business. But if you don’t get it right, it might be the reason you fail to grow. The good news is that very few people are really good at this. So you can get a head-start if you focus and get the admin done.

As far as your calendar is concerned, you should find a few minutes a day to focus on admin. Use this time to make sure you know exactly where you need to be, when and – crucially – how long the travel between appointments will take. Or spend the time checking all your expenses are all recorded and your clients have paid you. An ideal times to do this is at the end of the day so you are fully prepared for the next day. Or find some time in the afternoon if you have a gap in your schedule that you can use.

2 Keep a simple to-do list

Top 5 Productivity Tips for Sports Instructors - keep a simple to do list

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is a popular saying and for most people it is absolutely true. If you don’t write down the things you have to do, then you are likely to forget at least a couple of them. Of course there are many ways to keep on top of your to-do list. You just need to find the one that works for your independent sports business. If you opt for a paper list, then perhaps grouping the tasks will help. One way is to categorise each item as urgent, important or urgent+important. This helps you priorities the tasks that should be done first.

If you are more technically inclined then an app on your phone might do the trick. Acquired by Microsoft in 2015, Wunderlist is one of the easiest to-do list apps to use for beginners. Todoist has a very friendly interface, allows you to share lists with other people (helpful if you work regularly with other sports instructors or health professionals) and even awards karma points when you tick off items. Finally has all the functions you would expect, with the addition of voice-entry and the ability to share across devices.

3 Avoid multitasking: Do one thing at a time

Top 5 Productivity Tips for Sports Instructors - avoid multitasking

As is certainly the case when you are working with clients, it is important that you focus on the thing you are doing. Distractions will not help and simply mean that you will make mistakes and stretch the admin out over a longer time frame. So find a quiet time, grab a coffee or a recovery shake and focus. Ten or twenty minutes twice a day is probably all you need to avoid spending what feels like hours fire-fighting because you have forgotten tasks or made mistakes with your expenses.

4 Keep your admin organised

If you can work out a system for your admin then you develop a habit and as we all know, a habit is easy to stick to and hard to break. Examples include; having a small Ziploc bag for all your receipts as soon as you receive them. Or use an app like Expensify which is free in the Apple store. It allows you to scan, annotate and categorise all your receipts the moment you are handed them. If you invoice clients, then a system like FreeAgent can help you issue invoices, track payments and fill in your tax forms.

5 Manage your social media when you’ve got 10 minutes

Top 5 Productivity Tips for Sports Instructors - social media

We all know how important it is to have a social media presence. Now it is increasingly important that you post regularly. So try finding some time – perhaps between clients – when you can create, post and schedule content. That will help you keep your followers and potential customers interested in what you are doing. There are great apps that allow you to schedule content. Examples include Hootsuite or Buffer (both of which have iOS apps so you can schedule on the move). Alternatively you could set aside a handful of times each day, set an alarm and simply post about what you are doing that moment.

We hope these are some helpful tips. It goes without saying that the list is not comprehensive and we’d love to know what you have put in place to boost your productivity. Comment below and we’ll adopt the best ones ourselves.






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