Top 15 Instagram Tools For Sports Instructors - Photo Editing Tools and Apps

Top 15 Instagram Tools for Sport Instructors

With over 500 million active monthly users, Instagram is a social media channel you should focus on especially if you’re current clients and target market is between 20 and 40 years old.

Recent stats show that 75% of Instagram users take (e.g. visiting a website) after looking at an Instagram advertising post. In terms of engagement, Instagram is the clear winner – Insta posts generate 58 times better engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times better than Twitter.

If your target audience matches the audience of Instagram (20-40yo) this Social network should definitely be part of your Social strategy. 

Top 15 Instagram Tools and Apps For Sports Instructors


In this post, we’ll look at 7 tools that will help you improve your Instagramming.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Analysing your account and activity is the first step to social media success. So, the first three tools are all about getting insights into your audience and measuring your performance. In general, these tools are quite sought after and used by big brands and therefore they are paid but most of them offer free trials.

1 Iconsquare (Free Trail, Paid)

Iconosquare is a great tool that will help you monitor and manage your Instagram activity. It’s however paid but I’d recommend signing-up for the free trial which will give you interesting insights into your audience.

Your key metrics are displayed in one dashboard and you’ll be able to easily spot where to improve, what content to focus on and when to post it.

The key metrics include;

  • Number of followers, posts and following
  • Engagement rates – love, talk and spread rates
  • Specific comparative growth statistics

You can also dive in into more advanced analytics;

  • Hashtag impact – your tags vs trending hashtags on Instagram
  • Photo filter impact – which filter brings you the most comments/likes
  • Specific hashtag performance
  • Source of likes and comments
  • Track your competitors

2 (Free Trail, Paid)

Minter is bit more advanced but again you should sign-up for the free trial and check the in-depth insights it will give you. Combine it with data from Iconosquare and you’ll get a good overview of your activity and what to do next. - Optimisation - Top 15 Instagram Tools For Sport Instructors

Minter’s key features include;

  • Audience insight will help you get to know your followers, community and therefore potential clients. You will get data such as gender, top locations and you can also see your top followers.
  • Competitor analysis – In this case I would call it a ‘Your Instagram Hero Analysis’. If there is a sport instructor you like, look up to or compete with and who has got a good number of followers, you can check him/her to learn what he/she does
  • Engagement – Get insights into your engagement statistics including where your engagement comes from
  • Optimisation – My favourite feature. This is the most important section – here you’ll see when is the best time for you to post, what type of content, photo filter, hashtags to use and much more.

3 INK361 (Free)

Ink361 is the tool that you simply must use on a regular basis. Don’t worry, it’s free and that also means that there is no excuse for you not to use it. Once you link you Instagram account you’ll get a quick overview of the key metrics including your Love and Talk rates.

Top 15 Instagram Tools For Sports Instructors - INK361

On top of that, this tool enables you to do everything you do within Instagram itself (like, comment, etc.) plus a lot more.

The features I like the most are Circles and Albums.

  • Circles is a very handy feature, if you know and use Twitter Lists this is basically the same just for Instagram users. Here you can group followers and users (add them to a circle) based on your preferences (e.g. brands, interesting accounts, potential clients, etc) and see their activity.
  • You can also create albums of your posts and share them with people with no Instagram account. Why not create an album to showcase your clients before & after photos, testimonials and more.

Account Management and Scheduling Tools and Apps

The following tools and app will help you effectively manage your Instagram account and ensure consistency in your efforts.

4 LATER.COM (Free, Paid)

Later is an extremely simple scheduling tool for Instagram. The free version allows you to schedule 30 posts per month. However, unlike with Twitter and Facebook, you will need to still publish it yourself as Instagram doesn’t allow any 3rd party apps to post on your behalf.

Top 15 Instagram Tools For Sports Instructors - Later


How does this work then?

You’ll need to download the app on your phone first. You can either upload and image and add caption on your Desktop or mobile and then schedule it for specific time. When the post is due, you’ll receive a notification on your phone that you need to post it. You then open the Later app on your phone and follow the instructions. It’s really easy as you’ve pre-created the post so there is no need to re-create the caption.

5 Repost App (Free)

Repost app does exactly what it says – it reposts other people’s posts. It’s very easy to use – it automatically copies the photo’s caption onto your phone’s clipboard so you can then easily repost it.

Download this app and use it to;

  • Repost your client’s/student’s photos
  • Repost interesting content about your niche
  • Repost any other content that is useful for your follower and audience

When reposting make sure you credit every user you repost and always add your caption followed by the one in the original post.

6 Hashtags

When it comes to Instagram, including relevant hashtags is key to ensure visibility of your posts. You should compile a list of 10-15 hashtags that are relevant to your sports business and niche. Save these on your phone and/or computer to ensure all your captions contain hashtags.

Use below tools and websites to find out hashtags that are popular in your sport niche.

Content Editing Tools and Apps

Creating quality, engaging and inspiring content is the key to success on Instagram. Up next – the tools and apps that will help you to improve you content and enhance your photos and videos.

Top 15 Instagram Tools For Sports Instructors - Content Editing Tools

7 VSCO (Free)

VSCO has been one of the ‘Top 100 Free Apps’ in the App store for ages.  Recommended by many professional photographers and top bloggers, the app offers a great variety of photo editing tools and filters. It’s very easy to use and it will definitely help your photos to stand out.

If you want your post to pop in the crowded Instagram feed, you need this app.

8 Snapseed (Free)

Snapseed is another excellent photo editing app with a neat interface for adjusting photos. With a whole lot of editing tools, filters, frames and other features, it will allow you to make more precise phot edit on-the-go.

Developed by Google, this app is available for both Android and IOS, and is completely free.

9 Superimpose ($0.99)

Superimpose allows you to take an image in the foreground, remove it from its background, and place it on another. Masking feature is great and you can also rotate an image on the foreground and blend two images or their textures.

10 TakeTwo ($1.99)

This is a must for all PTs out there! With TakeTwo app you can easily create those valuable before and after photos of your clients. You can either use a photo from your Library, or a new photo to use as your ‘before’ photo. By overlaying this image when taking your client’s ‘after’ photo it allows you to position the shot within context of the original photo.

11 Fit-Stitch ($1.99)

Specifically designed for fitness people, Fit-Stitch makes awesome, customisable before & after pictures in a few taps. You can track yours and your clients’ progress, see before & after photos and share them. Recommend it to your clients and they’ll be able to measure their progress and keep track of their goals, including weight and body fat.

12 Whitagram (Free)

Download Whitagram app if you want your photos to have white (or other colour) background. You can also re-size and edit the photos within the app.

13 Giant Square (Free)

Ever wondered how people create those big images (multiple-photo grid) on Instagram? Giant Square app will do it for you and no, you don’t need any design skills. With this app you will be able to segment a single image into several parts and post them in the right order. What a great way to tell your stories and showcase your Sport instructor services in a unique and more engaging ways, right?!

14 Typorama (Free) and 15 Over (Free)

Both apps will help you add motivational quotes to your images. Must-use tools for all PTs, Yoga teachers, Fitness instructors as it will help you to inspire and motivate your clients and audience.


What works for you? And what tools and app do you use? Let us know in the comments below




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