Tenke Fitness Retreat

Tekne Fitness Retreat, Ibiza

If you are looking for that perfect detox weekend, or a week of invigorating exercise, healthy food and luxurious living, Des Aspill has created Tekne Fitness Retreat. It might simply be as close as you ever get to Paradise.`

Tekne means the "Art of Movement​"

Our approach is very varied. We don't stick rigidly to one style of teaching but incorporate the best of gymnastics yoga and strength training.  We always focus on a full range of movement and good technique.  

We believe in ​training hard and having fun

Tekne’s fitness holiday retreats may have different aims but are always designed to be fun as well as challenging. Tekne is no Bootcamp. You get the personal coaching and 1-1 time you need to help achieve your fitness goals.​

Tekne Fitness Retreat

Earning lunch with some morning circuits training

Eating cleanly and deliciously

​Food is a vital part of healthy living. Tekne’s chefs serve healthy lovingly prepared meals throughout the week, picked from the organic garden every day.

Delicious food at Tekne Fitness Retreat

Going on a fitness retreat doesn't mean you have to skip cake.

Discover our healthy cakes and enjoy these little pleasures at Tekne Fitness Retreat

Sleeping well in Tekne​

​Casa Tekne is a safe, luxurious, and healthy environment. With no neighbours here, the silence is only broken by birdsong and you can help your body to rebalance itself in this tranquil Ibizan idil.

Tenke Fitness Retreat

A tranquil evening at Tekne

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