SUP in Ibiza

Where Is The Best SUP In Ibiza?

Luke and Sarah are recently qualified ASI Stand Up Paddleboard Instructors. They have fallen in love with SUP and the amazing island of Ibiza. They recently ditched their previous City of London lives, bought a camper van and set out to find a new home. A few months later SUP in Ibiza was it!

​What's so amazing about SUP?

They love being outdoors, on the water and seeing nature from a different angle. SUP allows you to exercise and see incredible sights at the same time. Also the conditions can change from day to day so you always get a slightly different experience. It can be peaceful and spiritual one day and then it can be exhilarating and strenuous the next.

What's so special about SUP in Ibiza?

Ibiza is so tranquil and beautiful, and SUPing around the island is simply amazing. The clarity and colour of the water is incredible and we hope to show the beauty of the island and the fun of the sport to as many people as possible.
SUP in Ibiza

How did Paddle Ibiza start?

Luke has always loved surfing and Sarah is a windsurfer. But both sports are restricted where you can practise them. When they heard about SUP and it's accessibility, they knew it was something we had to try. They loved it and found it was such a fun and enjoyable way of exercising.

What's next?​

Paddle Ibiza are very interested in teaching SUP yoga. They know a lovely lady called Shankara who teaches people to become SUP yoga instructors and they'd love to do that.  It'd would be a great thing to offer their clients.

SUP in Ibiza

How can people book Paddle Ibiza​?

Paddle Ibiza teach full time and offer excursions that include sunrise and sunset. They have no fixed lesson times or locations. They are located near the beautiful beaches of Cala Llenya and Cala Nova, but travel all over the island depending on the conditions.

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