What you need to do when releasing a summer workout program

The sun is finally out. It peeked out from behind the clouds for a moment, but now it’s bearing down on us with an intense heat.

There are two moments in the year that cause a surge in people joining gyms – right after new year’s day, and the beginning of summer. At the beginning of the year everyone has ‘get in shape’ on their list of resolutions and the number of gym sign-ups skyrockets. This lasts a while, calming down after a month or two, until the summer sun reminds everyone that they want to be feeling their best on the beach in August. Right now is absolute crunch-time for anyone who is serious about being shredded for summer. As a personal trainer, you have a window of opportunity to help anyone unsure about what to do with their new-found fitness motivation, so make the most of it.

The best way to grab this opportunity while it lasts, is to release a summer workout programme aimed at anyone looking to get fit fast while the sun is shining. With a summer programme, you will be able to target your marketing narrowly, focusing your efforts on the boom in fitness happening all around.

Creating a summer workout guide begins with a deep understanding of your customer. There is no point drafting a workout routine for premier athletes when your following is mainly comprised of beginners. Start out by doing some in-depth market research around the type of person that is likely to buy your guide, and craft an ideal customer. Work from this basis and see what’s out there in terms of competition – you don’t want to be replicating anyone else, but if what they are doing is hitting the mark, then you don’t want to be too far off either.

Scoping out the competition is an essential step. Try and view the guides from the point of view of a customer and have a go at completing some of the exercises. Keep a list of things that you would change about them and incorporate those updates into your own guide. Are they difficult to understand? Too repetitive? Over-complicated? This will help you to form the basis of your guide.

Once you have your ideal customer in mind, you will be able to determine their goals (presumably get in shape fast for summer) and therefore work out the rep range and number of sets each exercise should include. Knowing that essential information means the very basic structure of your guide is laid out. From there you can decide on the type of workouts you will include. As it’s a summer guide, you might want to consider a HIIT workout plan that can be done anywhere – meaning anyone wanting to workout outside or whilst on holiday can keep up with the plan. Some workout guides include gym equipment for maximum gains, but this will exclude a fair amount of clients who want to be able to workout at home or in the park. It is ultimately up to you to decide the type of plan you want to create, but bear these points in mind.

Once you are well underway creating your programme you should ensure you have a list of things to include and tick them all off. For example, the importance of warm-ups and warm-downs should be highlighted, along with stretches. Nutrition guidelines could add a lot of value to your guide, or even a bonus section on how not to overindulge and stay on track whilst on holiday.

All sounds pretty straight forward, right? That’s because it really is that simple to make a great summer workout guide. The tricky bit is getting people to buy it. Make it your focal point social media – that means the link to buy it needs to be in your bios and you should be mentioning it regularly in posts. Add it to the landing page of your website so it’s the first thing people see when they come across you on Google, and combine this with positive recommendations from clients to secure interest. You can always spread the word the traditional way too, via word of mouth!

If the guide is great (and it should be, since you put all that effort in), then soon enough you will see a domino effect in sales. Ask for transformation photos from clients and get their permission to share their amazing progress to reinforce that it really works. The best thing is that you will learn from the whole experience and the process will be smoother next time. Remember the January rush? Better start planning now!

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