Sports Instructors - How To Feature Your Clients Stories In Your Content Strategy

How To Feature Client Stories In Your Content Strategy

On this blog, we have so far published several articles on how to establish your digital profile, create your brand and manage your social media channels. We’ve also discussed where you can start with content. Hopefully this has provided a platform from which to digitally launch your personal brand. In this article, we’ll explore how to follow up with content and, specifically, talk about how and why you should focus on your clients’ stories as part of your digital content strategy.

Why to do it

In previous posts about content, we have touched upon the subject of peer recommendation and how people buy from people. When publishing on social media, engagement should always be at the forefront of how you are looking for your audience to interact your brand. With this in mind, check if your content is entertaining, informative or inspiring for your audience and, most of all, whether it is authentic.

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Whilst social media used to be predominantly ‘user generated’, advertising is increasingly appearing in-feed, be that by way of organic posts or paid, native or sponsored placement. On your channels, it is important you represent yourself in line with your own ‘branded’ style, but your content and tone of voice should be individual and personable. When it comes to promotion, consumers are often encouraged to make interactions and purchasing decisions through genuine referral. When it comes to promoting yourself, what better referral than from your existing clients?

This is why, with their consent and testimony, your clients’ stories should be prevalent in, if not form the mainstay of your digital strategy.

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How to feature your clients stories

Including your clients in your posts will show that you care about their progress and their achievements. As always, think about which channel your content is best distributed through, but talk about them and their efforts, tag them in posts and congratulate them throughout their journey. In doing so, you both increase the authenticity of your posts but, more importantly, your credibility as a trainer.

Your clients and their progress should feature regularly in posts on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels. As well as posting images of your clients, perhaps ‘before and after’ shots, head shots, in-training images, also include video and live social.

For Sports Instructors - How To Feature Your Clients Stories In Your Content Strategy

What better way to promote your own business than showing the world how your training is delivered and what the benefits are in real time?

Where to start?

What actually happens in your classes? How do you prepare for them? What are your clients’ reaction to your teachings? Capture it all and prospective clients will see not only what your teaching offers but also how it works.

  • Before and after or ‘journey’ photos of your clients and students
  • Celebratory images of your clients’ achievements e.g. with their medals and awards
  • Inspirational images of your clients with their stories
  • Interviews with your clients written up in blog post or published as video
  • Stories or Snaps of your sessions featuring your clients at work
  • Facebook Live Q&A sessions and ask your clients to get involved
  • Periscope your classes live on Twitter and encourage interaction and comment

Get Inspired – Examples

Here’re a few real-life examples of sports instructors using their clients stories on Social;

LukeWTraining (Personal Trainer)


Chasing Lights (Running Community)

Alamerfit (Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Running Coach)


How about you? Do you use your clients stories on your Social media? If yes, what sort of content works best for you – feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below. 

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