How to manage Social Media for Sports Instructors

Social Media for Sports Instructors? Choose the right channels

As a sports instructor, when you are choosing your social media channels, always think about:

  • Where are your clients going to be sharing their workouts?
  • Where might they go to find a trainer or guide?

Facebook is an easy channel on which you can build up your identity and present your business. Similarly Facebook is the channel you should choose if you want to think about advertising – more on that in a follow-up post on social advertising.Twitter is the place to go for a status update, is the fastest way to engage with followers and works more ‘real time’ than Instagram. Increasingly Instagram is becoming the medium through which people share and go shopping. People buy pictures – not words – these days and Instagram offers a number of features to capitalise on this: namely quick and accessible imagery, video, messaging and the ability to access a profile and all the necessary contact details quickly. If your target audience is in the younger demographic, they will be hanging out on Snapchat.

Have conversations – don’t broadcast

When using your social media channels as a sports instructor – be it as a personal trainer, dance or yoga teacher – it’s important to remember that people buy from people. Peer recommendation and engagement with a ‘person’, not a ‘brand’, is increasingly the way by which consumers make choices. A client is more likely to engage with an instructor they feel they can have a conversation with, rather than one who broadcasts the features of their training. Have conversations with your clients, both through the content you produce and your engagement with them.

Engagement – comment, like, respond, involve, feature

Engagement is key to the way you manage your social media channels and enforces the rule of conversation not broadcast. Don’t advertise to your clients, advise them. Remember to like, comment, share, endorse their activity and, most importantly, follow them! Including your clients (with their consent of course!) in your posts will also show that you care about their progress and are proud of what they are achieving, which in turn increases authenticity and your credibility as a trainer. Feature them and their efforts, tag them in your posts and congratulate them throughout their journey.

Practice what you preach

If you are pitching yourself as a sports instructor, an educator, an expert, an authority in the sport in which you coach, then show your audience that you practice what you preach. In your content, be sure to add ‘method to the madness’ and show yourself in action using your own techniques. Remember that posts should be inspiring – not to gloat at what you can squat, how many reps you can do or how far you can run! But they will further enhance your credibility and show your clients that you know what you are talking about.

‘Stories’ not ‘Bories’

“We move towards a world where video is at the heart of all our services”
-Mark Zuckerberg, July 2016

In social media for sports instructors, stories (and video) are becoming increasingly important. Video is now over 50% of all content on social media. A picture paints a 1,000 words but real time stories will bring your social media channels to life. What actually happens in your classes? How do you prepare for them? What is your clients reaction to your teachings? All add to your personal story and bring to life your practice. Capture it all and prospective customers will see not only what your teaching offers – but most importantly – how it works. Think Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, Twitter Video or Periscope.

Tools of the Trade

Got a week jam packed full of classes? Need to take some time out to self-train and up-skill? Life generally getting in the way? No Wi-Fi or reception?! There are many reasons why social media can become time consuming and a job in itself. Finding the time to keep up regular interaction on your channels can be tricky. But remember, regular interaction is important. So how do you manage all of those classes? Tweet about your free slots? Facebook Live your clients mid-class and update your Instagram with new techniques, all at the same time?! There are tools at your disposal. We’ll go into more detail, but as an overview you could:

  • Schedule last week’s promo pictures on Instagram in advance with platforms like
  • Let everyone know about your free slots by lining up some tweets with
  • Boost your winning posts on Facebook and schedule them for maximum engagement using facebook ads
  • And here’s an easy one – turn your notifications on! Make sure you know when you receive comments, likes and follows and be sure to take the time (after class) to respond ?

sports instructors on social media Video is king!


Still from Instagram video of class taken by chasing19 (Running Coach and Personal Trainer)

Practice what you preach!

Pic from Instagram of fitforthat_ (Challenge focussed coaching and Personal Trainer) –

Social media for sports instructors

For more tips on social media management, social advertising, specific platforms and video, please stay tuned to the OffPeaks blog. And let us know what works for you! We’d love to hear from you.

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