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So You Want To Be A Brand Ambassador?

As a personal trainer, you will have many opportunities to work with other businesses in the wellness sector, such as physiotherapists, massage therapists, and dieticians. These will often have local reach for clients who live or work in the same geographic area as you. If you are able to work with a nationally-recognised brand, that will give you even more exposure to introduce yourself to potential clients further afield.

Benefits of being an ambassador

These can be numerous. Having another company promote you on social media and the internet will get your brand and message out to more potential clients. If you have online offerings, this could be invaluable. There is also the opportunity for possible payment or free product. If you align yourself with something you use regularly, this alone might make a formal arrangement worth it. Being a brand ambassador will also increase your credibility (depending on the brand) with other personal trainers, clients, and brands.

How to find an opportunity

Brands might have an open call where the general public is invited to apply. You could speak to a brand at an expo or in their store. Another way to make contact is send an email asking about potential opportunities listing your interest and qualifications. Brands may also contact you directly if they think you can make them money by offering a discount code to your clients.

What brands are looking for

There are many things brands will consider when choosing ambassadors, such as

  • Physical appearance,
  • Social media reach,
  • Availability for events,
  • Finishing place at races,
  • Public speaking experience,
  • Geographical location, and
  • Alignment with brand values.

Be sure to include this info in your ‘About Me’ section on your website and in your media kit if you have one.​

Agree on the finer details

As you begin to set up your ambassador role, there are a few things to think about. Choose a brand you truly love. Don't feel like you have to say yes to every offer. Smaller or new brands might not have formal terms and conditions drawn up yet so be sure to ask what is expected of you before you sign anything. Do they want regular social media shares or blog posts? Can you work with other brands who sell similar products?

Brand Ambassadors

Image source: Nike Run Club

For example, Nike Run Club leaders are limited in what other run clubs they can attend. Be on your best behaviour when on social media and if out in branded clothes related to your ambassador role. If the experience isn't all it was cracked up to be, refer back to your T&Cs to confirm your expectations were correct. Communicate directly with the brand if it isn't working out or if something set out in T&C hasn't happened yet.​

Tips from brands about becoming an ambassador

"​If you are looking to become an ambassador then evaluate why you want this and what it means to you. If compensation is not the driving force, then look for brands that reflect your own personal values, represent your needs and personal choice"

Gary at ashmei, a performance clothing brand​

brand ambassador

Image source: ashmei

"​Make sure that you are already using the brand and love it. There is nothing that sells better than passion/a true belief in the benefits of a product. Have examples of how you have used their product with your clients and their success stories. Make sure that you have the time to invest in building a long-term relationship, which may include writing, blogging, photography, and/or travel, which all takes time. Don’t promise results that you cannot deliver on"

​Susan at Enzymedica Dietary Supplements

​Reach out to the brand and explain why you would be a good fit and what you would do for the brand. Explain very simply what you want and what you can do for the brand, but also how you are different from other potential ambassadors

Anna at Specialized, a global cycling brand​

Brand ambassador

Image source: Specialized

This is a guest post from Mollie Millington, an awesome personal trainer, running coach and spin teacher based in East London.  You can find out more about here by following the link below.

About the Author Mollie Millington

Mollie is the Happiness Personal Trainer and fitness writer. An American based in London, she takes a holistic approach to training her clients, looking for a balance of work, life, fitness, food and fun. Her writing can be found in PT Magazine and she has contributed to various websites on health and fitness.

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