the proof is in the pudding - we're growing!

​The 'Proof Is In The Pudding', our month on month Twitter numbers are trending upwards, it means we're growing!

This is the first in a series of articles I'll be writing over the coming months about social media strategy, t​ips and techniques.  Every thing we try, we're going to write about - good or bad, you'll read it here.

If you want to find out the day to day strategy we use, please read this article.  If you want to read about the free tools we use, please read this one.  If you want to see the results, please continue reading.

OffPeaks' Twitter Strategy

We provide software for sports instructors to run their businesses through, to help them reduce the time they spend doing admin, and to help them find new clients. So we are very particular about who we follow on Twitter and who we follow back

Our target market (on Twitter) is

  • ​Sports coaches and instructors
  • Who are active on Twitter (tweeted in the last 3 days)
  • Who follow less than 2,000 people

We don't follow

  • ​Our competitors - listing sites or software providers
  • People who are not our in target market who follow us - i.e. online marketing companies

​On a daily basis we

  • Follow 55 people per day
  • Unfollow 50 people per day

The difference (of 5) is hopefully the number of people who are following us back per day, and become our mutual followers​

How is OffPeaks performing on Twitter

At the moment, our current reach on Twitter looks like this

Twitter Report Feb-17

​Source: Twitter, Followcheck, OffPeaks analysis 17-Feb-17

In the two months we’ve been active on Twitter, we’ve grown our

  • ​Following by 336 people or 88%
  • Followers by 306 people or 210%
  • Mutual Followers 200 people or 109%

Over the last 30 days, on average we've 

  • Followed 52.5 people per day
  • Un-followed 47.5 people per day
  • Grown our followers by 5.4 people per day
  • Growing our mutual followers by 4.0 people​ per day

OffPeaks’ Potential Reach up 60% in last 30 days

You can see the day-to-day growth in the chart below​

Twitter Report Feb-17

​Source: Twitter, Followcheck, OffPeaks analysis 17-Feb-17

OffPeak's Followers up 42% over the last 30 days

Twitter Report Feb-17

​Source: Twitter, Followcheck, OffPeaks analysis 17-Feb-17

Our target number of Followers for 31-Mar-17

Until we are following more than 1,000 people, we will continue following 55 people and un-following 50 people per day.

Our target number of Mutual Followers for 31 Mar 17 (in 42 days) is 554 or to grow the numbers by 44.3%. These projections are based on the average number of new followers and mutual we’ve experienced over the last 30 days.​

Twitter Report Feb-17

​Source: Twitter, Followcheck, OffPeaks analysis 17-Feb-17

Shortly after 1 Apr 17, I’ll give you an update to see how we’re doing!​

If you've any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to put them in the comments section below, or reach out to me via the contact us page.


About the Author Hugo Elliott

Hugo's an endurance and adventure sports nut who's completed the Swiss KIM, London Marathon and Ironman Switzerland. When he's not in the 'office' he can be found out cycling or ski touring. He co-founded OffPeaks.

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