How to Promote Yourself: How to target your audience most effectively?

Audience Insight tools help you gain valuable information how your target audience behaves on social media. They provide detail on everything you would need to know to tap into your target audience with your great content.

Gauging your reach using Audience Insights:

Total Reach:

Outlines the total size of the target audience on the platform. This is useful when you are starting out, and want to determine what you should be writing about and who to target.


You can search for any #hashtag used on social media. Tools give an overview of how many posts exist using that hashtag and how many times that #hashtag was searched for.

Average No. posts per time of day

Provides an overview of the number of posts published by your target audience on a particular platform at a particular time of the day.

Average No. post likes/comments/views

Provides an overview of the average number of post likes, post comments and video views made in total made by your audience. This is a good sign of how engaged your audience is.


Outlines your target audiences main characteristics. This can be very detailed. Demographic information can provide you with information such as:

- Occupation

- Marital status

- Education level

- Income

These insights are useful for marketers and paid social advertisers. They are useful details to know particularly if you are trying to sell something.


This outlines the top locations from which your audience is based. It will also give you the number of users in each of those locations.

This is always useful for post timings knowing what time of day to post. For example posting later in bigger/major cities and earlier in more rural areas.


This provides insights into what makes your audience tick.

You can understand details in user’s hobbies and interests that can be the most valuable insight of all. You can get details of:

- What sports they like,

- What magazine they read,

- What TV shows are their favorite, and

- What they like to eat.

This is valuable because if you know what your audience likes you know what to give them! You know what they will find interesting and you know what will engage them.

Time spent on platform:

This provides an overview of the amount of time that your audience spends on a particular platform. It will gives useful information such as

Total amount of time spent per day,

How many visits to the platform,

How many times the platform has been launched.

It is useful to know what days your audience are most active and make most visits to the platform. Something that should be used when working out how many posts per day and when to schedule them.

Audience Insights Tools:

Tools include:

- Facebook Audience Insights

- Twitter Audience Insights

- Instagram Insights (business account only)

- Crimson Hexagon (paid)

- Tweetdeck

- Busszumo

This list is not the be all and end all!

There are plenty of other great audience insight tools out there. If there's one you like and would recommend, please share it in the comments below.

Audience insights tools may appear very overwhelming at first.

There are different features to use and such a variety of data to digest. But don’t fear! Play around with it and you will begin to realize how simple they are to use. All the information is straight forward and everything is pretty self-explanatory.

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