How to Promote Yourself: How to create an engaging bio?

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Although the focus of social media platforms focuses on visuals. You need for a relevant and engaging bio when trying to grow influence and build a reputation online.

What to Include:

1. Contact details:

If you offer an activity that people book through social media then put your contact details in your bio. If you are starting out, including your contact details makes you look more professional and credible. Often people restrict access to their contact details once their following has grown to a large size.

2. What you do or what you offer:

Tell your audience what you do and how that is going to benefit them. For example if you’re a personal trainer, what do you specialise in? Where are you based?

3. Emoji’s =) :

Make your profile a little more engaging by using emoji’s to illustrate some of the things you are saying.

4. Use your OWN URL:

You have the opportunity to include one link in your bio. Why give that publicity to another brand or company?

Make sure you include a link to your own blog or website. Don’t promote a third party, use your own sites to boost your own credibility further.

How to write a captivating bio:

Remember that you have a character limit in any bio on social media. So don’t get carried away trying to tell your life story!

The key is:

-To keep it short and sweet,

-Use short punchy sentences/points and

-Use emoji’s to help illustrate things you are saying - but don’t get carried away!

A great tactic used on social media is to list things like almost using your bio as a CV:

- What you do or who you work for.

- Specific/relevant qualifications that will help sell your profile, and

- What you specialise in.

Write something quick and easy to read and digest. That can also can be skim read by someone looking for something specific.

Avoid looking spammy:

Be careful who you associate yourself too. A lot of influencers get carried away promoting tones of different brands in the belief that it makes them appear more influential.

Users on social media are wise to brands trying to get anyone and every to promote their brand to gain exposure. The perception of a partnership with a brand is losing its credibility and status.

· Limit the number of partnerships you make with brands

· Do not clutter your bio with lists of company’s you are ambassador for,

· Do not list personalised discount codes and URL’s to other brands websites.

This doesn’t mean don’t have any, be strategic to who you are associating yourself with. It can seem exciting and a big deal, but sometimes it can do more damage than harm.

Do some research of your own. Ask questions of the brands that are approaching you. Test to see how legitimate and credible they are and go for the ones that you feel are. Often, the credible brands that everyone dreams of partnering with are put off by influencers linked to dodgy brands.

Using a business account:

Have separate business accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They

Give you credibility that you are someone of influence or authority.

Help you look more professional and more trustworthy

Smarten your profile and allow you to make your contact details available

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