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OffPeaks: Meet Raquel Morales

Born in Barcelona, Raquel Morales left her hometown for the first time to move to New York, 20 years ago. That adventure opened new doors and since then she’s been living and traveling in different places like Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya, Mali, Bali, Australia, Chile… Raquel has always managed to combine different jobs related to nature and education with adventure sports, which she loves to practice. She is currently based on the magical island of Ibiza.

When not at Offpeaks she practices yoga, kickboxing and MMA during winter. “I love the combination of the deep asanas, inner space and stillness of the yoga with the strong training and techniques of kickboxing and MMA. Also, I’ve found a hidden talent trough concentration and body movements and ‘the sweet warrior’ is alive again!” During summer she enjoys snorkelling, trekking, kayaking and paddling in the crystalline waters of Ibiza.

Raquel works as the community manager for Offpeaks. Her mission is to reach, inform and register sport instructors to the Platforms. “Offpeaks is an easy, professional and functional tool for independent sport instructors to build, grow and run their business. As an instructor, they have their office ‘on the go’ spending time instructing and not trying to organize and find new clients.”

Raquel Morales Fun Facts:

  • Next sport on the list: Surfing and skiing
  • Sport I failed at:  Skiing. That’s why is on the Next Sport list 😉
  • When not at OffPeaks: Always doing some form of sports in Ibiza
  • Little-known fact: I’m very sensitive and emotional, and little things can hurt my heart deeply.
  • Hidden talent: “The sweet warrior”
  • Motto: The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others – Gandhi
  • Super-Power I’d like to have: The power of changing low vibrations energies on people to very high ones just from looking at them, and make this world a peaceful place to live trough kindness, tenderness and love.

raquel morales yoga ibiza

“If we really want to take care of ourselves we must start from our bodies.
Then the mind stops,
the soul improves,
and the river flows”


About the Author Hugo Elliott

Hugo's an endurance and adventure sports nut who's completed the Swiss KIM, London Marathon and Ironman Switzerland. When he's not in the 'office' he can be found out cycling or ski touring. He co-founded OffPeaks.

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