Card Processing Fees

OffPeak’s Card Processing Fees

OffPeaks' Fees

OffPeaks does not charge Instructors or their Clients a 'per transaction' fee.  However, we do pass on card processing fees to instructors (more below).  We do not (yet) offer instructors the opportunity to 'add' on the card processing fees, so they are paid by their clients.

We offer Instructors a 'Free for Life' and 'Subscription' plans. You can find out about our pricing on this page.

The fees that Stripe charges

We use Stripe to process and manage our card payments. More specifically we use Stripe Managed Accounts to manage the payment flows between Instructors and their clients

Stripe clearly layout their fees charged to process card payments online here.  They charge a variable fee and a fixed fee per transaction. In addition there is a 0.5% Managed Account fee charged. 

When payments are made to an Instructor's bank account, they are paid net of Stripe's card processing fees and the Managed Account fee.

How to calculate Stripe's fees

​The total fees charged by Stripe are dependent upon

  • the initial cost of lesson or class, and
  • whether a 'foreign' car`d is used.

Stripe charge more for processing ​Non-European cards for a UK based instructor.

In the tables below, we calculate the total cost of fees charged by Stripe to a UK based instructor.

Stripe Fees For European Cards for a UK Instructor

Card Processing Fees

Stripe Fees For Non-European Cards for a UK Instructor

Card Processing Fees

Stripe is the cheapest online payment processing gateway

In the table below, we've calculated Stripes fees compared with two other well known online payment platforms - PayPal and Braintree.

Str​ipe is cheaper than PayPal and equal in cost compared with Braintree.

Card Processing Fees

Note: PayPal has pricing tiers that result in a decreasing % cost the more money PayPal process for you.  The pricing tier shown calculates costs assuming less than £1,500 is processed per month.

Why use Stripe and not Braintree?

​We use Stripe for two other main reasons 

  • Stripe is built for developers and is easy to incorporate into OffPeaks.  The level of functionality offered to us is far greater than that of Braintree.
  • By using the Stripe Managed Accounts, we can sign up instructors in 23 countries (as at Feb '17), every country Stripe operates in except those countries they list in Beta.

If you have any question on the subscription fees we charge instructors, or the card processing fees we pass on, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.  

I hope everything is clearer now?​


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