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Learn From Other Instructors Social Media Mistakes

Sports Instructors don’t appear to know How to Use Social Media or the Internet to it’s fullest potential.

In February 2017, we surveyed the online profiles of 149 sports instructors. We reviewed Instructors social media profiles and websites, checking for mistakes and looking for things we can all learn from.  We found all the instructors via Twitter.

Overview of Instructors

50% of the profiles we reviewed were personal trainers

Social Media Mistakes

Endurance includes Triathlon, Running, Swimming and Bicycling coaches

Others includes Climbing, Skiing, Stand Up Paddle, MTB, Yoga, Pilates and more

Only 62% of Instructors have a website

100% of mountaineering instructors have a website. But only 47% of personal trainers have a website. Why is that?

Social Media Mistakes

Why is the percentage so low for personal trainers? Is it because so many work for gyms and they’re don't have to search (or allowed to look) for clients?​

Instructors use 3 social media platforms

Social Media Mistakes

​The most popular Social Media platforms were Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Remember, we found all Instructors through Twitter.

50% of Instructors have a Facebook Account

Social Media Mistakes

Other social media accounts instructors use includes Google Plus, Pinterest, Strava and Yelp.

The Biggest Mistakes Instructors Make

46% of Instructors are Non-Contactable!

​Of all the Instructor listings on Twitter, incredibly 46% were un-contactable!

Social Media Mistakes

​Yes of course you can Tweet at them or DM them. But either they had no outbound links from their Twitter account, or if they had a website they didn’t publish an email or telephone number.

23% of Instructors with Websites don’t publish ANY contact details

Of the 93 instructors with websites, 21 (or 23%) don't publish any contact details!

Social Media Mistakes

Instructors Post Infrequently

​On Twitter, 24% of instructors last posted over 1 week ago.

Social Media Mistakes

On Facebook this rises to 33%.

Social Media Mistakes

Personal Trainers Tweet & Post the least regularly

​On average Personal Trainers last tweeted an original tweet nearly 2 weeks ago. 

One thing we noticed was that many Personal Trainers simply on retweet other people’s content on Twitter.

Arguably that’s not very interesting?

Social Media Mistakes

On Facebook Personal trainers posting frequency drops to over 3 weeks!

Social Media Mistakes

The longest period an Instructor has gone without posting on Facebook is 107 days. The same Instructor posted on Twitter the day we conducted the survey!

Instructors use Social Media accounts Inconsitently​

The difference between the average number of days between Tweets on Twitter and Posts on Facebook suggests that Instructors favour one platform over the other.


Why not Tweet & Post with the similar frequency on all Social Media platforms?  

You never know where your potential clients will find you. With Buffer this is very easy to manage, particularly with their Smart Phone apps and Chrome browser extension.

how to use social media

Column 2

Personal Trainers post on average every 13 days on Twitter. They post on average every 22 days on Facebook. The graph shows they post on average 8 days later on Facebook.

Some other observations

  1. Titling a post ‘Another boring running post’ isn't going to inspire people to read it...
  2. Instructors have Tweets & Posts pinned to the top of their Feeds and Timelines that are over 180 days old.  Are they still relevant?

OffPeak's advice to Instructors

Our advice to Sports Instructors is simple

  1. Get the basics right. Put your contact details online, make sure social media accounts and your website are all interlinked.
  2. Use Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. These are the most popular social media networks and where your peers are.
  3. If you don’t have a website, consider setting one up. You can get a website for free. See this post about setting up a website on Weebly.
  4. Tweet/Post original content regularly.  It doesn't need to be everyday.  Is just needs to be regular.
  5. Use Buffer and post to all accounts @ the same time.
  6. Use Crowdfire to help manage your social media accounts

How can OffPeaks help Sports Instructors?

OffPeaks helps clients find, book and pay for your instruction.  

Instructors are encouraged to fill out an online profile bringing all essential information clients need into one place.​

OffPeaks also prompts Instructors to Tweet & Post their availability and reviews across all Social Media platforms.

If you’d like to find out more more please go to OffPeaks For Instructors.

Please feel free to comment below, or reach out to us directly if you have any questions


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