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Building An Online Knowledge Base For Sports Instructors

OffPeaks was created to support and promote Independent Sports Instructors. We've built an online platform to help you manage your bookings and clients, take online payments and be seen by potential new clients. But we're not stopping there.

We're building a free online Knowledge Base for Sports Instructors.

So we’ve decided that over the next few months, we’re going to build a great online knowledge base for sports instructors - a resource that will help you build and run your small business.

Then the best part is we’re going to give it all away. For free!

We’re going to be covering topics such as

  • Building an online business
  • How to create a website
  • Blogging and content marketing​

and more…

We’ll deliver this content in the form of blog articles, social media tweets & posts, video content, daily email reminders, newsletters and offline seminars.

We’ve some amazing partners.

Freestak is an Endurance Sports Marketing Agency based in London. They will focus on producing content about online marketing. Our own internal web designers will be contributing on the more technical articles.

You will get high quality, informative and easily actionable ideas.

Ultimately we'd like this to be a useful resource for any sports instructor looking to put a business online, be it a new sports business - or an existing venture.

We’re also going to be focusing on getting you new clients: we will give them ideas for new sports and trips. We'll help them understand what’s involved and how to find new instructors to teach them.

We hope you enjoy it all, and that it proves to be a great resource for you. We'd love to get your feedback in the comments below, to understand what resources you'd like to see us produce for you.


About OffPeaks

OffPeaks is a technology platform. It was designed and built to help independent sports instructors manage their businesses more effectively, and to find new clients.

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About the Author Hugo Elliott

Hugo's an endurance and adventure sports nut who's completed the Swiss KIM, London Marathon and Ironman Switzerland. When he's not in the 'office' he can be found out cycling or ski touring. He co-founded OffPeaks.

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