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The Importance of Social Media Conversations

The days of getting huge audiences on the most popular social media channels have gone. Yet done right, social media still offers independent sports businesses an effective way to reach more people and hammer home their brand.

However, in order to be successful your social media strategy needs to be built on the 3 key pillars – Content, Consistency and Conversations.


You need to understand what content you target marketing want to read and engage with. One size doesn’t fit all and so each social channel should be treated separately. For example, automatically posting a link to your tweets on your Facebook page (and vice-versa) is lazy. It will not grab potential clients’ attention.


This is a no-brainer! As a coach, trainer, teacher you tell your clients that they need to be consistent in order to achieve their goals. Well, the same goes for you and Social media. Once you have identified what content, when and where you’re going to post it you need to do it on a regular basis. Don’t worry about starting small – creating one post per day it’s much better than three posts in one day and then nothing for the rest of the week.

It’s all about Conversations

One huge opportunity with social media is how it allows sports businesses to have conversations with their clients. Spend time on your chosen channels looking for people discussing subjects that you know about and offer them help and advice. This is not a time to sell, sell, sell. This is time to build you brand equity (see Getting Your Brand Right) and give people value. If you get that right, they will repay you by spending time learning about your business.

Social Media Conversations - Sports Instructors

When using your social media channels as a sports instructor – be it as a personal trainer, dance or yoga teacher – it’s important to remember that people buy from people.

Peer recommendation and engagement with a ‘person’, not a ‘brand’, is increasingly the way by which consumers make choices.

A client is more likely to engage with an instructor they feel they can have a conversation with, rather than one who broadcasts the features of their training. Have conversations with your clients, both through the content you produce and your engagement with them.

Twitter Conversations

Like, ReTweet and Reply are the key actions you should be taking on a daily basis. On Twitter, you can also enhance your tweets by creating a poll and asking quick questions. When posting images (e.g. inspirational quotes) you coulld also tag your clients to further motivate them.

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a great way to share, exchange opinions and ideas and talk about a specific topic. And not only that, regularly participating in Twitter chats can have a several benefits for your sports instructor business. Regularly participating in relevant Twitter chats (e.g. #UKRunChat if you’re a running coach) will help you;

  • engage and build a deeper relationship with your followers
  • tap into a new audience/market. This way you can grow not only your Twitter flowing but also gain new blog readers, Newsletter subscribers and clients!
  • build authority. If you keep providing valuable information, people will start to trust you and your credibility will go up. This will also have a positive effect on your written word/blog – people will be more likely to read it and share it when they know they can trust you.
  • find new content – new ideas and topics for your website/blog. You can find out what topics were most discussed and what people struggle with/want more information on.

Social Media Conversations - Facebook

Facebook Conversation

Like, React and Comment is the way to have conversations on Facebook. The content will be the key and so ensure that it’s not all about promoting your business. In fact, the promotional posts should make up 10% (max) of your Facebook posts. Ask questions in you posts – for example, Fill in the blanks…., What’s your favourite running song, etc.

Instagram Conversations

Liking, Regramming and Commenting should be your daily activities on Instagram. On top of these, don’t forget to use the latest Instagram features such as Live Storie, Storie and Slideshow. These all offer another way to engage with your audience.

Engagement is key to the way you manage your social media channels and enforces the rule of conversation not broadcast. Don’t advertise to your clients, advise them. Remember to like, comment, share, endorse their activity and, most importantly, follow them! Including your clients (with their consent of course!) in your posts will also show that you care about their progress and are proud of what they are achieving, which in turn increases authenticity and your credibility as a trainer. Feature them and their efforts, tag them in your posts and congratulate them throughout their journey.

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