How to Promote Yourself: How to write the most effective promotional post

Posts have two components:

- A caption or headline that draws peoples attention

- Some engaging content

And it's important learn how to write both.

How to write an engaging caption:

The key to writing an effective caption is to adopt a conversational approach.

Write your captions as though you are having a direct conversation. Ask your audience questions or say things that you know they can relate to. This works far better than talking at them, try to avoid stating the obvious (saying things as they are).

Although a post isn’t only for one person, using a conversational style will make your reader feel as though it is directed to them. They will feel like they can relate and so feel as though they have an understanding with you on a personal level.

Steer clear of hard selling!

Avoid using hard sale calls to action like ‘buy now’ or ‘book now’. They throws people because unless you are a major commercial brand this is never going to work! You need to form a relationship with your audience, and trust is a major part and also is credibility.

Crafting the way you write a caption can be so key to this, write like you are speaking to with your audience makes them feel recognized and valued.

Using a soft sell approach’s "contact me if you'd like to find out more" often works better.

Another successful writing technique is to tap into your audience’s emotions. If you understand your audience you will understand what makes them tick. You will know what words or topics they will resonate with most.

Use an approach that highlights something that may be a common issue or interest and give the solution or support. For example:

The problem

“We all love Christmas as it’s a time to celebrate and indulge but nobody loves the aftermath of eating all those minced pies..”

The 'soft sell' solution

"Not to worry, we have some amazing fitness classes with state of the art equipment. Perfect for you to get back in to the fitness swing ready for the New Year. Tap the link in my bio and see what classes you might fancy"

Note: DO NOT be misleading about things you cannot do! Lying will not get you very far.

How to deliver a call to action?

A call to action states what you want your audience to do. For example when you see sponsored ads and it says ‘Learn More’ / ‘Sign Up Now’ those are calls to action.

A call to action is written for a purpose. It is something that will be resonate with your audience and that they will respond to in a positive way.

Things to remember:

- Be short and sweet, you don’t want someone to loose interest just by trying to read the whole thing

- Be direct but not pushy.

- Be honest and straightforward with your call to action. If your audience is spending time rying to work out what your call to action means or is trying to say, you’ve lost them.

- Don’t hard sell. Make it sound interesting and mysterious rather than overbearing and intimidating


- The wittier the better. If you can make it fun, light hearted or witty the better the chance you have of gaining the trust of your audience.

When applying a call to action on social media:

- Use a consistent call to action on all posts

- Have it personalized to you or your brand. A specific emoji, or using a particular way of spelling things, or a hashtag

- Don’t insert chuck the call to action in at the end of a post, what if nobody even reads to the end of your caption? Mix it up, experiment with it and try using your call to action at the start of a caption, in the middle or at the end. Make sure you tailor it so that it fits and doesn’t look out of place.

Don’t forget to (not always but sometimes):

- Be fun

- Be light hearted

- Be meaningful

- Be relatable

- Be real

- Be quirky/witty

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