A Step By Step Guide to Managing Your Twitter Followers

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers For Free

This is a step by step guide on 'How To Grow Your Twitter Followers For Free'.

Before you start out

You need to do a little research before starting. Identify 2 or 3 of each of the following

  • Your competitors and their Twitter handles
  • Hash tags that your potential followers will follow
  • Keywords that you want to target
  • National or qualifying bodies and their Twitter handles

The General Outline

In really broad terms, this is the strategy we recommend to organically grow your Twitter followers.  

We definitely don't recommend buying lists, you don't know what you're getting. Also it's going to be very obvious if you pay people to follow you.

This is the strategy we employ at OffPeaks​

  1. Follow 50 people per day until you have 300 followers
  2. Then continue following 50 people per day, but un-follow 45 people per day who don’t follow you back.
  3. Once you get over 1,000 followers increase the numbers of follows and un-follows to 75 and 70.
  4. When you get over 2,000 followers increase the numbers again to 100 and 95.​

​Yes this strategy works, we've grown our Twitter Potential Reach by 60% in 2 months.  See the graph at the end of this piece for more info.

Try to keep the gap between Followers and Following to around 6 days.  Meaning if after 6 days (see the section below) someone hasn't followed you back, then you unfollow them.

Step-by-Step guide to building Twitter Followers

1. Collect your statistics

Open Twitter and record the number of ‘Following’ and ‘Followers’

​Open FollowCheck and Log In

i. Record your ‘Potential Reach’

ii. Navigate to Mutuals in the Relationships Tab and record the number of ‘Twitter users are following and followed by me’​

Record your stats in a spreadsheet.  Make sure you do it everyday, very shortly you'll start to see progress.

2. Follow Followers of your Competitors

Open Tweepi and Log In​

i. Click on 'Follow Followers'

ii. Input your competitors Twitter handle, click on search​

iii. Click on add criteria. Add additional search criteria to narrow down the choice.​ Add

  • ​Last tweeted - less than 3 days ago
  • Friend or Follower - neither

iv. ​You can add additional filters such as search the bio by a text string

v. Click on the profile picture of the results. The Twitter profile will open in a new tab. Close the tab. If you want to follow the person click on the Follow Link​ in Tweepi.

vi. Move on to the next result

vii. Tweepi has a counter so you can see how many people you’ve followed

When you're starting out aim to follow 50 people per day.

3. Un-Follow people who don’t follow you back​

Open ManageFlitter and Log In​

i. ManageFlitter will open showing the people who don’t follow you back​

Step by Step Guide to Managing Your Twitter Followers for Free

ii. The list is in the order of people you followed, with the most recent being at the top of the first page​.

iii. Go to the last page in this list. In our case this is page 4

iv. Un-follow people from the bottom of this page first.

Step by Step Guide to Managing Your Twitter Followers for Free

v. ManageFlitter has a counter so you can see how many people you’ve unfollowed.​

When you're starting out, wait until you are Following 300 people, then start Unfollowing 45 people per day.

The difference of (50 - 45 =) 5 tops up the number of people you are Following, remember the gap between Followers and Following naturally narrows as people follow you. Aim to keep the number of people that you are Following about 300 people more than the number of your Followers.

4. Read and reply to your notifications​ in Twitter

i. Open Twitter and look at your notifications & messages

ii. Read your notifications, if anyone has tweeted at you, retweeted you or liked a tweet of yours it’ll show up here

iii. Reply to peoples tweets and likes

iv. Reply to any direct messages

If time is really precious and you have little to spare

Then you should use Crowdfire. It can do everything outlined above, but you are relying on a computer to make suggestions about who to follow and interact with. It updates it’s suggestions daily for you.

Does this strategy work?​

Yes, absolutely.  At OffPeaks in the first 2 months we properly used this strategy we grew our Potential Reach by 60% in 2 months.

Yes we've not got many Followers, and we've only been doing it for 2 months, but I think the trend is quite clear. 

If you're interested and want to read our 'Twitter Report Feb-17', please click on the 'The Proof Is In the Pudding' link below.  I'll be aiming to publish this report every 4 - 6 weeks so you can keep abreast of our progress (if you'd like).

I'd be very happy to answer any questions you may have, here in the comments below on Twitter (please DM me as I won't spot them in my timeline!), or by reaching out to me via the Contact Us page.

Thank you for reading


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