HIT Training with Peta Olivia

HIIT Training In Ibiza With Peta Olivia

Peta's a full time holistic personal trainer. She runs small group fitness classes and HIIT Training from her home studio in Ibiza. In addition she offers private personal training. 

Peta loves everything about keeping fit, it keeps her body healthy and her mind sane, and she has seen amazing effects on her clients.

HIIT Training with Peta Olivia

She's incredibly proud of each and every one of her regular clients, who turn up 4 times a week to sweat it out. Their dedication, trust and energy always makes her days worthwhile.

"When it rains, it pours, but then the sunshine comes out and a beautiful rainbow is created"

Her most embarrassing fail as a trainer was when she was training in Marina Botafoch and desperately needed to pee. It's the part of Ibiza town where the mega-yachts are docked during summer. Anyway she decided that as time was of the essence to pee behind a bush.  However she didn't note the gradient of the ground and ended up with some very damp mesh trainers which the client spotted straight away! Ha ha. Luckily the client was incredibly cool.

HIIT Training with Peta Olivia

Training hard goes hand in hand with...

HIIT Training with Peta Olivia

...great food

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