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Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors

Have you considered using Facebook Advertising for sports instructors? More and more PTs, yoga teachers, pilates or dance teachers use Facebook advertising to reach out to the new as well as current customers. With over 1.71 billion monthly active users, Facebook is really a place to ‘advertise’ even if you’re just starting out – your target audience is there! And you must go where your clients go.

Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors: 3 Reasons Why You Should Do It

However, if you’re still unsure whether to jump on the Facebook Ads bandwagon, here are three good reasons why you should try and set a Facebook ad right now;

1 – You don’t have to have a big budget

The minimum spend on Facebook is really low, in fact it’s less than £1 if you’re after impressions and less than £5 for clicks. If you were to advertise in Google Adwords (the ads that appear when you search on Google) you would hardly get one click a day for the same amount. Low initial budget requirements make the Facebook an effective platform perfect for individuals and self-employed sports instructors like you.

You don’t have to start big, but you need to start. Put as low as £5 aside for Facebook ads and you will be able see the effects of Facebook advertising on your personal training / yoga / dance or any sport business.

2 – Effective targeting

Targeting is one of the key benefits of advertising on this Social platform. Unlike Google AdWords, you can target your ads based on demographics and interests rather than their search patters. Facebook’s fined tuned their targeting options giving you much more granularity over who will see your ads.

Below are a few useful examples of how precisely you can target your ad;

  • Location: You can target only people living in the geographical region in which you provide your sports instructor services. For example, if your key area is South London you can only target people who live there.
  • Gender and age: Are you a PT who train only females over 50? Then you can set your ads so they will spear only to females who meet the criteria you selected (e.g. female over 50)
  • Interests: This is another great feature allowing you to target people who have shown an interest in the sport you coach. Are you a PT who specialises in helping runners to get stronger? Then you can target people who are interested in running, even in specific running races such as marathons.

3 – Easily track and measure the results – ROI

The Facebook Ads interface is straightforward and you can easily see how much you spend and how many clicks or impressions your ads received. This way you will know exactly what you’re getting out of it and what your Return On Investment (ROI) is.

In the Facebook Ads Manager you can track a number of performance metrics including;

  • Reach – who saw your ads
  • Clicks – how many people clicked on your ad
  • View – how many people viewed your videos
  • Page likes – how many new page likes you received as a result of your ads
  • Engagement actions such likes, comments and shares
  • Cost metrics including Cost per Click, Cost per Like, Conversion and per 1000 impressions

Such effective tracking will enable you to easily analyse your ads to see which performs the best and which needs to be optimised.

How To Create Your First Facebook Advertising Campaign

If managed effectively, Facebook Advertising for sports instructors can have a positive impact on your goals and help you promote your PT, yoga, mountain guiding or any coaching services outside of your current fan base. The key to successful advertising is the campaign structure to ensure your ads target the right audience while not competing against each other.


Before your start creating the ads you will need to first define your campaign objective. Are you trying to get more clicks to your website? Or more Facebook likes? Or are you after boosting a specific post?

Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors - Choose the right Campaign Objective for your PT Business

Facebook offers a lot of options based on your objective. If you’re just starting out we would recommend opting for Auctiontype adverts and selecting one of the following options;

Promote your Facebook page

This is great choice especially if your Facebook page hasn’t got many likes yet. However, before you start promoting it, ensure that your Facebook is spotless, in other words,

  • it has got all the key information your potential client might be after – about section, bio, location, address, contact, opening hours, etc. The more info, the more professional and trustworthy your page will look.
  • is updated on a regular basis –  Remember that you should update your page on a daily basis as no one will give you a like if they see a last post like from a week ago, if not older.
  • is full of relevant photos and links – your business photos, before and after image of your clients, the gym equipment as well as the images from your races/events (e.g. if you’re a athlete, or have participated in races/bodybuilding competitions, etc.).
Send people to your website

This only works if you have a website or you can also use link to your page on OffPeaks website so clients can book a session with you straightaway.


The next you will need to define who you want to see your adverts. This is really an important step especially when your budget low as you don’t want waste money on people who are not in your target market. A well-defined audience based on user’s location, interests and behavior is essential for effective ads management.

The more specific you can be in terms of targeting the more relevant the ad will appear which in turn can positively impact your results.

In our example below, we have specified that we want our ads to appear to people who;

  • live in Chelsea
  • are between 25 and 40
  • are into running
  • and like pages such as London Marathon and Runner’s World magazine.

Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors - Targeting Your Audience - Sport Instructors

Facebook also offers more advanced options such as Lookalike Audience and/or targeting your mailing/Newsletter list.


Once you setup your targeting, you can now define your budget and timings when you want your adverts to run.

  • Select Lifetime budget if you want to spend £20 in total
  • If your budget is £100 you can decide to spend £25 per day for 4 days – Daily budget

Select the date range and you can leave the next settings as they are – these are recommended by Facebook. Once you become a Pro, you can start experimenting with those as well.

The last thing is to set the name of the Advert set. We’ve called our ‘Runners – Chelsea – 25-40’.


The next and last step is creating the actual ad. There are 4 ad formats you can pick from; carousel (2-10images), single image, a video and a slide show. Using a single image is perfectly fine and enough for your first advert.

Facebook Advertising - Effective Advert Creation - PT and Sport Instructors


Relevant image and its size play an important role in good CTR and conversions. Remember that the more relevant and appealing image the better the results. In your case, the images of your happy clients when exercising or inspiring images of people who achieved their goals (e.g. crossed the finish line of a race) can positively affect your campaign goals.

Ad image tips:

  • Use the right format (1200 x 628px with only 20% text)
  • Use inspiring and beautiful images of high quality to catch people’s attention – before and after photos of your clients will work well
  • Keep testing different images for the same ad (e.g. for one ad copy test up to 6 images to identify the best performing one) 
Ad copy

When you have picked 6 images you can move on to creating the ad text which consist of a headline, text and a news feed description (extra text). From Facebook ranking system as well as consumer’s point of view, the ad text is crucial – again the more engaging and intriguing the copy the better the results. The headline and ad text should target and include the same keyword while offering people the reason to take an action (click/like/share/watch, etc.).

Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors – Ad copy tips:

  • Test different headlines and ad copy
  • Always include Call to Action (CTA)
  • Include a benefit for a potential client and/or social prof (e.g I train celebrities, featured on such and such magazine, website, TV, radio, etc., winner of )
  • Try to include the keyword in the headline as well as the ad text – g. Need a Personal Trainer in Chelsea?
  • Make sure your text is within the Facebook word count as this can limit the ad reach

As with any advertising the more specific and relevant you can be in your advertising effort the better the results.

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