Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors: Advanced Audience

Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors: Advanced Audience

Following from our previous post, Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors: advanced audience tips will help you make the most of the Facebook advanced options. For example, you could create “Lookalike Audiences” or target people who are already on your mailing list. Here’s how to use those features.

Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors: Advanced Audience

Lookalike Audience

Does your page have good number of likes (e.g. over 500)? If yes, you can create a lookalike audience of your own fan base. A lookalike audience is based on your current fans, and Facebook will target people who are similar in likes, interests, activities and behaviour to your current Facebook fans. In other words, Facebook will show your ads to an audience that’s very similar to the one you’ve already attracted.

Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors: Advanced - Creating A Lookalike Audience

Newsletter Subscribers

Do you send Newsletters to your current clients and leads? Then the Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors advanced “Newsletter Subscribers” feature is for you. Upload your email list, and Facebook will compare it to their database. When they find a match, they display your advert to them on Facebook. Simples! This allows you to target people who are already on your email list with a new opportunity. As a result, people who may have stopped reading your emails might reconnect on Facebook.

Tip: in addition, you can then again create a lookalike audience based on your Newsletter subscribers.

Advert Set Structure

You can increase the performance of your Facebook ads exponentially by working with more complex audiences and ad set structure. Always aim to have a different advert set for each of your services. For example, if you’re promoting your PT services focused on runners, the whole adverts set (ad, ad copy, image, audience) needs to be around the topic. An ad with image of a bodybuilder will not appeal to runners who might want to use your services to improve their lower body strength.

Similarly, if you’re offering two yoga courses in two different locations, use two different sets.

An example of a campaign structure:

  • Campaign Name and Objective = PT for Runners – Website Clicks
  • Advert Set Name = PT for Runners – Chelsea
  • Ads = Ads – different images/different ad copies to test 

And don’t forget: the more specific and relevant you can be in your advertising, the better the results.


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