Explore Patagonia By Kayak With Alexis Bellezze

Alexis Bellezze at the top of Aconcagua, 6962m, 15:00 17th January 2015

Hello, I'm Alexis Bellezze. I'm a professional kayaking instructor and guide in Patagonia Argentina.

I love the outdoors and I'm blessed to live in Patagonia.

With massive mountains, rivers and wilderness, Patagonia is the ultimate adventure sports play ground.


​I enjoy mountaineering, ski touring and paragliding. But my real love is kayaking. I started kayaking in 2007. I would go with friends to the Nahuel Huapi National Park and Interlaken Region of Patagonia.

Aleix Bellezze sea kayaking

Since then I gained my American Canoe Association and Wilderness qualifications.

I teach sea kayaking and flat water kayaking (lakes). I lead trips and expeditions to Patagonia. And I travel to Europe to work as as a kayaking instructor.

The thing that I love most about kayaking is silence.

Kayaks get you closer to nature than you can ever imagine, and in the most natural way possible. There is no contamination, no noise, and you are in complete balance with nature. You can get within a few meters of beautiful wildlife and see amazing things.

Drifting down a river or sitting in the ocean whale watching are magical experiences. They are something everybody should experience at least once in their lives.

Kayaking makes you use your whole body to balance and move. Paddling seems so simple an exercise but at the end of the day you can be exhausted. You definitely earn your dinner!

Every trip or expedition I do is challenging. They are always life changing experiences.

​What's next for me?

My brother Massimo is both a BHPA Paragliding Instructor and a real inspiration to me. He's helping me to explore paragliding and in the future it's something I'd like to teach. I'd also like to lead trekking and hiking expeditions.

For now I have the best of both worlds. I work part-time as a Kayak Instructor and part-time as a Veterinary Surgeon.

Alexis Bellezze at the top of Aconcagua, 6962m, 15:00 17th January 2015

Reaching the top of Aconcagua (6962m) at 15:00 on 17th January 2015

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