How To Create An Invoice For Your Sport Instructor Business

How To Create An Invoice For Your Sports Business

There is only one good reason to be able to create invoices quickly and efficiently. To get paid! Whether you are delivering a personal training session or any other sport class/training, having a proper invoice template matters a lot. It looks professional, credible and trustworthy. Before heading straight to the free invoice template, let’s first have a look at what information an invoice needs include.

The information you need to include in your invoice

Any invoice must include certain information such as

  • How much the customer needs to pay you
  • When (and how) the customer must pay you

In some countries, there is a minimum amount of information that you must include in an invoice. In the United Kingdom, you must include

  • The word ‘Invoice’ in the document
  • A unique reference number
  • Your company name, address & contact information
  • A clear description of what you’re charging for
  • Date the goods or services were supplied
  • Date of the invoice
  • Amount being charged
  • VAT (or sales tax) amount if applicable
  • The total amount owed

There are a couple of other practical pieces of information that you should also add such as

  • Your bank account details (sort code, account number and/or IBAN number)
  • An email & telephone number

You could also include

  • Logo
  • Registered number
  • VAT number (if applicable)
  • The terms on which you charge interest for late payment

 How To Create An Invoice For Your Sport Business

Tools to manually create invoices on your computer

If you are going to manually create invoices, we recommend creating a template invoices using a spreadsheet program.  These include

A free invoice template

We have created a free invoice template for you in Google Sheets.

Click on the image of the invoice (below) and it will open in a new tab.  Make a copy of the invoice and use it for free.

A free invoice to use as a template

Online tools to help you create invoices

There are online alternatives such as Wave and Invoicely. Their advantage is the option to set up and embed payment links (via PayPal, Stripe or GoCardless).  This means your clients can pay via credit card by clicking on a link in the invoice.


Did you know that you can use OffPeaks to bill and invoice your clients?

Invoice creation is one of our key features making your admin easier. When clients book and pay for you online, they’re automatically sent invoices and receipts on payments.

If you’ve any questions on invoices, please feel free to write a comment below or contact us directly


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