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How to Promote Yourself: How to target your audience most effectively?

Audience Insight tools help you gain valuable information how your target audience behaves on social media. They provide detail on everything you would need to know to tap into your target audience with

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How to Promote Yourself: How to master post scheduling for your content?

Most effective times of day for posting:Post timing is crucial to achieving the greatest reach among your target audience. See below what the best times of day are for posting on different social media

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What makes a successful personal trainer?

While success might mean something different to everyone, there are times when it is easily quantified. In a work scenario, for example, success might be the number of clients you on board, it

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How to Promote Yourself: Creating the right creative: what content works?

Visual content is what drives social media, it’s the main purpose and attraction of the platforms. As there is so much visual content from the millions of users worldwide that are subscribed to these

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How to Promote Yourself: How to write the most effective promotional post

Add Media Posts have two components:- A caption or headline that draws peoples attention- Some engaging contentAnd it's important learn how to write both.​How to write an engaging caption:The key

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How to Master Marketing your Personal Training Brand

Add Media When you first take the jump into personal training it can feel like you have a mountain to climb. As you look around and see other personal trainers raking in clients, leaving you standing

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How to Promote Yourself: How to create an engaging bio?

Enter your text here...Although the focus of social media platforms focuses on visuals. You need for a relevant and engaging bio when trying to grow influence and build a reputation online.​What to Include:1.

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How to build a client base QUICKLY

The health and fitness industry is exploding and showing no signs of slowing down. In the last few years there has been a rapid upsurge in healthy eating and working out, leading to a boom in business

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How to Best Promote Yourself: Which is the most effective social media platform to use?

Enter your text here...We are currently spoilt for choice when it comes to using Social Media platforms.We have access to an array of options, all which deliver the same if not very similar services with

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fitness retreat

Do You Want To Organise A Fitness Retreat?

A new trend in the fitness industry is to organise a retreat abroad. Some see it as an easy way to make a lot of money and travel for free. But do not underestimate how much work goes into executing a

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Top 15 Instagram Tools For Sports Instructors - Photo Editing Tools and Apps

Top 15 Instagram Tools for Sport Instructors

With over 500 million active monthly users, Instagram is a social media channel you should focus on especially if you’re current clients and target market is between 20 and 40 years old. Recent stats

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3 Ways You Can Engage With Your Audience Offline - Sports Instructors

Sports Instructors – 3 Ways You Can Engage With Your Audience Offline

The internet has had an incredible transformative effect on how we live our lives. It has changed how people socialise, have fun, work and solve problems. It has changed how you do business. But there

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Sports Instructors - How To Feature Your Clients Stories In Your Content Strategy

How To Feature Client Stories In Your Content Strategy

On this blog, we have so far published several articles on how to establish your digital profile, create your brand and manage your social media channels. We’ve also discussed where you can start with

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Sports Instructors - Top 3 Copywriting Tips

Top 3 Copywriting Tips for Sports Instructors with Content Checklist

OK so you’re up and running, social media ready. But before pressing send and bombarding your audience with tips, teasers and tweets, there are a few things you should check. The first is to consider

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Marketing for Sports Instructors - Creating A Persona

Sports Instructors – Who is your target client? 

It goes without saying that when it comes to finding a new client, the person most likely to buy from you will be a perfect fit for what you do. The question is: how do you find that person? One of the

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Social Media Conversations for Sports Instructors .001

The Importance of Social Media Conversations

The days of getting huge audiences on the most popular social media channels have gone. Yet done right, social media still offers independent sports businesses an effective way to reach more people and

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Learn from the best - Yoga Instructor Social Media Tips - inspire

Learn From The Best: Social Media Tips for Yoga Instructors

It might sound like a dedicated social media channel as a platform to advertise your practice, doesn’t sound like the type of activity a spiritual practitioner would get involved in. But increasingly,

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Sports Instructors - How To Get The Branding Right

Sports Instructors: How To Get Your Branding Right

It is true that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. In this article we’ll therefore look at why branding matters and how everything that you do as the person behind an independent

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A Step By Step Guide to Managing Your Twitter Followers

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers For Free

This is a step by step guide on 'How To Grow Your Twitter Followers For Free'.Before you start outYou need to do a little research before starting. Identify 2 or 3 of each of the followingYour competitors

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5 free tools you need to manage your Twitter followers with

The Only 5 Free Tools You Need To Manage Twitter

Twitter is a great platform help identify and communicate to new clients. Is it simple to use, and with the right tools we can do everything we need for free and in 15 minutes per day.Free tools​ for

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3 Ways To Find Great Social Media Content For Sport Instructors

3 ways to find great social media content

Sharing great content consistently is one of the best strategies for building and maintaining a strong online presence. Therefore, as a sport instructor or a coach, you need to keep your social media accounts

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Marketing books for sports instructors

Three Marketing Books Every Sports Instructor Should Read

Looking to grow your Sports Instructor business? Here’s a list of 3 books that would totally help you do that with advice, inspiration and tips.

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How to manage Social Media for Sports Instructors

Social Media for Sports Instructors? Choose the right channels As a sports instructor, when you are choosing your social media channels, always think about: Where are your clients going to be sharing

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Sports Instructor on Twitter: Why you should use the platform

Twitter is a fantastically useful tool for engaging new people with what you are doing, provided you can work out how to make the most of the platform and play within its limitations. Read our tips to help

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