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How To Make The Most Of Your Rest Days

Most of the fitness world place a lot of emphasis on the type of workout you are getting in each day. How many reps can you do? What weights are you lifting? What’s your squat form like? Whilst these

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Revamping Reps and what does it mean for Fitness Professionals

Revamping REPs And What It Means For Fitness Professionals

The majority of UK personal trainers and fitness instructors are members of the Registry for Exercise Professionals (REPs). Started in 2002, REPS is meant to ensure that personal trainer and fitness instructors

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5 Top Fitness Trends In London

Top 5 Fitness Trends In London

Fitness fads come and go (do you remember the Thigh Master and Jazzercise?). I have lived in London since 2011 and have seen some big changes on the fitness scene. Indoor cycling became very popular (and

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