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Come to Ibiza and enjoy the yoga and the sea. Come on a journey to help you find yourself through in a deep inner journey through the alignment of your body and soul.

Are you thinking of booking Yoga in Ibiza?  Let us introduce you to Eider Gisbert who gives magical classes in magical places.  She loves giving yoga classes near the sea, where after yoga she relaxes by submerging herself into it.

Eider Rodriguez

Eider is a fully qualified Hatha Yoga teacher.

With a background as a classical and contemporary dancer, Eider spent 15 years touring the world with professional dance troops. Her interest in yoga took her to India in 2006, where she studied intensively so she could teach.

“Preciseness in asanas and the creation of inner space, will released the body from tensions, pains, bad habits and will help us to find the balance between body and mind”.

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Eider has been practising and teaching Hatha yoga for 10 years in Ibiza. She teaches groups and individual sessions.

“I love yoga. I live yoga. Everything that I work in a yoga class is I work in daily life. I love the serenity that brings me, the joy and the enthusiasm to deal with life’s daily vicissitudes…”

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Eider Rodriguez

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