Top 5 Productivity Tips for Sports Instructors

Top 5 Productivity Tips for Sports Instructors

If you struggle to get through your workload as a sports instructor, try those simple productivity tricks which will help you manage your business better.

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Card Processing Fees

OffPeak’s Card Processing Fees

OffPeaks' FeesOffPeaks does not charge Instructors or their Clients a 'per transaction' fee.  However, we do pass on card processing fees to instructors (more below).  We do not (yet) offer instructors

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Write for us about your amazing adventure

Beautiful Stories Need To Be Told

We are looking adventurers, explorers, sportsmen, sportswomen, instructors, guides or anyone with beautiful stories that need to be told.Write for UsYou will be writing a blog on a lesson, course, trip

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5 free tools you need to manage your Twitter followers with

The Only 5 Free Tools You Need To Manage Twitter

Twitter is a great platform help identify and communicate to new clients. Is it simple to use, and with the right tools we can do everything we need for free and in 15 minutes per day.Free tools​ for

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5 Free Action And Fitness Photography Sources For Sport Instructors

5 Free Action And Fitness Photography Sources

Visual content is proven to reach your sports clients’ heart much faster than words. Here are 3 free sources of great imagery for you to use online.

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How do I create a Sports Business Blog?

How To Create A Sports Business Blog

We sometimes get asked ‘how do I create a Sports Business Blog for my sports business’ and manage it and all the social media accounts at the same time? Creating a blog is a relatively simple

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Tenke Fitness Retreat

Tekne Fitness Retreat, Ibiza

If you are looking for that perfect detox weekend, or a week of invigorating exercise, healthy food and luxurious living, Des Aspill has created Tekne Fitness Retreat. It might simply be as close

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Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors: Advanced Audience

Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors: Advanced Audience

Following from our previous post, Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors: advanced audience tips will help you make the most of the Facebook advanced options. For example, you could create “Lookalike

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How To Create An Invoice For Your Sport Instructor Business

How To Create An Invoice For Your Sports Business

As a sports instructor, do you know whether you need to write invoices? Learn about legal requirements, how to write invoices and what tools will help you.

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offpeaks holiday destinations

Top Destinations for Active Holidays

Want to switch things up a bit? Here are the top 5 locations to perfect your in the most inspiring environments…

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facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising for Sports Instructors

A simple, step-by-step guide to setting up your first Facebook advert. A proven strategy that may help find new clients and grow your sports business.

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raquel morales yoga ibiza

OffPeaks: Meet Raquel Morales

Born in Barcelona, Raquel Morales left her hometown for the first time to move to New York, 20 years ago. That adventure opened new doors and since then she’s been living and traveling in different places

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3 Ways To Find Great Social Media Content For Sport Instructors

3 ways to find great social media content

Sharing great content consistently is one of the best strategies for building and maintaining a strong online presence. Therefore, as a sport instructor or a coach, you need to keep your social media accounts

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Hugo Elliott cycling the Cape Argus bike ride in 2010

OffPeaks: Meet Hugo Elliott

Meet the OffPeaks team members, the people who help Sports Instructors manage and grow their business.

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Yoga in Ibiza

Book Yoga in Ibiza With Eider Gisbert

Come to Ibiza and enjoy the yoga and the sea. Come on a journey to help you find yourself through in a deep inner journey through the alignment of your body and soul. Are you thinking of booking Yoga in

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E-bootcamp sport instructor business branding

Get your Sports Business Branding Right

It is true that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. As an independent sports instructor, even if it’s just you, you must think about “you as a brand“. Getting

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E-bootcamp sport instructor business online social presence

Sports Instructors: Audit and Reboot your Online Presence

Have you been using social media for a while? Now is the time to use our Online Audit Checklist to audit your social media presence and make sure you clean up for 2017. Read on for: Free tools to audit

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E-bootcamp sport instructor business exposure

Get more Exposure for your Sports Business

One of the great challenges facing independent sports businesses is getting their brand in front of customers. This is true whether you are an independent personal trainer or a gym owner with employees. In

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E-bootcamp sport instructor business testimonials reviews

Get sports clients testimonials – and use them well

Nothing is more powerful for an independent sports business than word of mouth. So having clients tell potential customers about what you do is hugely valuable. This article is designed to help independent

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E-bootcamp sport instructor business collaboration partnership

Elevate your Business with Collaboration

As Vanilla Ice famously rapped in his break-through hit Ice Ice Baby “All right stop, collaborate and listen. Ice is back with my brand new invention”. We’re not sure how much that applies to the

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Marketing books for sports instructors

Three Marketing Books Every Sports Instructor Should Read

Looking to grow your Sports Instructor business? Here’s a list of 3 books that would totally help you do that with advice, inspiration and tips.

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Federico Agustin Giorgi

Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Ibiza with Federico Giorgi

Do you want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or get fit with CrossFit? Federico Giorgi is a top Spanish martial arts instructor in Ibiza, Spain. Federico has been studying martial arts for over 30 years since

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Offpeaks Business Academy Knowledge Base Sports Instructors

Building An Online Knowledge Base For Sports Instructors

OffPeaks was created to support and promote Independent Sports Instructors. We've built an online platform to help you manage your bookings and clients, take online payments and be seen by potential new

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Facebook boosts for sports instructors

More Engagement on Facebook with Post Boost

So, you have a Facebook business page for your personal training, yoga or sports business, but things are a bit slow? You can get more engagement on Facebook with Post Boost, and we’ll show you

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Announcing OffPeaks - a technology platform for instructors

Announcing The Launch Of OffPeaks!

We're really excited to announce the launch of OffPeaks.OffPeaks is a technology platform designed and built to help independent sports instructors manage their existing clients and bookings, get found

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Get fit with London Personal Trainer Elle Linton

What makes Elle Linton one of our top Personal Trainers? Discover why and how Elle gets the best results for her clients over and over again.

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Guillermo Grau diving with sharks

Dive And Snowboard With Guillermo Lago Grau

If you want to learn to dive, underwater photography, explore wrecks, dive with sharks or travel the world then look no further than Guillermo Grau. About Guillermo Grau Guillermo Grau teaches diving

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Alexis Bellezze at the top of Aconcagua, 6962m, 15:00 17th January 2015

Explore Patagonia By Kayak With Alexis Bellezze

Hello, I'm Alexis Bellezze. I'm a professional kayaking instructor and guide in Patagonia Argentina.I love the outdoors and I'm blessed to live in Patagonia. With massive mountains, rivers and wilderness,

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How to get a website with OffPeaks

It couldn’t be simpler to get a website with us. Just get in touch, and we’ll set it up in no time. Within a short few days, you’ll be able to log in, change the design and add your

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Adam Sebba telemark skiing in the Vallée Blanche

The Story Behind OffPeaks

OffPeak’s story started with a question “Would you like to Telemark Ski the Vallée Blanche with me?” It seemed like a slightly innocuous question… doesn’t everyone who skis

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Sports Instructor Business: Are you making those 3 mistakes?

Whether you’ve just started your sports instructor business, or whether you’ve been coaching or guiding sports clients for years, there are 3 mistakes that you might be making when it comes to growing

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How to start or find instructor for paragliding offpeaks

Have you ever wanted to learn paragliding?

So, you want to learn paragliding? Before you jump, here’s a little history about how it all started, back in 1954. That year, Walter Neumark predicted (in an article in Flight magazine) a time when

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Trail Running

​Trail running is a sport which consists of running and hiking over trails. In the United Kingdom and Ireland it is called mountain or fell running. It differs from road running and track running in

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How to start or find instructor for trail running fast packing offpeaks

Why don’t we try… Fastpacking?

Do you like hiking? Do you enjoy running? Then you should LOVE fastpacking. I discovered this sport by accident, while hiking my way around the Mont-Blanc in France on my honeymoon (I know…). Due

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How to manage Social Media for Sports Instructors

Social Media for Sports Instructors? Choose the right channels As a sports instructor, when you are choosing your social media channels, always think about: Where are your clients going to be sharing

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Sports Instructor on Twitter: Why you should use the platform

Twitter is a fantastically useful tool for engaging new people with what you are doing, provided you can work out how to make the most of the platform and play within its limitations. Read our tips to help

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