Add photos from UnSplash

How To Add UnSplash Photos To Your Classes

UnSplash is an incredible source of over 200 thousand beautiful royalty free photos. You can now add them to your classes to make them stand out more.

Add photos from UnSplash

Add photos from UnSplash when you set up a class

It is simple to add a photo when you set up your class.

Log into OffPeaks as an Instructor, navigate to your diary, click on the 'Add A Class' button. The 2nd step in this process asks you to select an image.

Click on an image and press Next.​

Add photos from UnSplash

Edit a class to change the UnSplash photo

Log into OffPeaks as an Instructor, navigate to your diary and click on the class you want to edit. An 'edit' pop-up will appear, on the second tab titled 'Class Image' you can select a new image.

Select a different image and click 'Save.'​

Add photos from UnSplash

If you can't find the image you want

UnSplash has over 204 thousand images and their collection is growing.

We've selected a small selection of the available images. If (in OffPeaks) you can't find the UnSplash image you want to use, please email us a link. Or you can email us anyway and ask us to try and find a new image!

You can also reach us through our contact us page.


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