About OffPeaks

OffPeaks started with a simple question, 'would you like to telemark ski the Vallée Blanche with me?'.  Despite my skiing limitations (not being able to telemark ski for one...), the trip was fantastic.  You can read all about it here.

I realised that there's an information gap between clients searching for instruction those instructors providing it.

​Instructors want to use technology to help them build their businesses, but they often don't know where to start. And those Instructors who operate on their own simply don't have the time or budget to do everything.

Adam Sebba telemark skiing in the Vallée Blanche

My friend Adam telemark skiing in the Vallée Blanche

OffPeak's Mission

We want build simple to use, user friendly products to help instructors run their businesses better.

We want to be the Technology Partner for Instructors, and build a solution that

  • allows clients to find instructors more easily
  • helps instructors manage their diaries, bookings, payments and reviews while on the go
  • helps instructors run their businesses more efficiently so they can spend more time teaching​, and less time doing admin

Find Out More

If you're an Instructor and would like to find out more, head to our 'For-Instructors' page.  

If you've any questions, please reach out to use via our 'Contact-Us' page, or 'email' us. I answer every single email.