Marie Laure Lasry is a fantastic yoga teacher

Marie-Laure Lasry is a fantastic yoga teacher who has been practising yoga for over 30 years and teaching for nearly 10 years.

A fantastic yoga teacher with amazing classes

She has an incredible depth of knowledge and experience, which means her classes are an amazing melange of hatha vinyasa yoga, dance, meditation and pranayama.

Marie Laure Lasry is a fantastic yoga teacher based in Ibzia

Her inspiration for her classes is drawn from the classic yoga texts of Kundalini, Lyengar, Therapeutic and Anusara teachings.

Yoga has changed my life as a way of life. I am more conscious about my body, my mind and soul.`​​

Marie-Laure is one of life's eternal optimists.  Each day is exciting, bringing with it a whole host possibilities and challenges.

Marie Laure is a fantastic yoga teacher

"​Yoga changes peoples. Yoga can encourage people to become who they truly are."

Marie-Laure is incredibly proud of all her students, but for her one stands out. Beatrice Chaumond who met Marie-Laure and started Yoga on the same day. Now Beatrice is a Yoga Teacher in her own right.

​"I met yoga and Marie Laure the same day. And this day was so wonderful, it changed my life. I took one of Marie Laure's classes and now I’m a yoga teacher to. It’s all thanks to her. Marie Laure is more than a teacher. She accompanies you with all her heart. Her words are always in my head. She is so full of caring." Beatrice Chaumond
Marie Laure Lasry is a fantastic yoga teacher based in Ibzia

​The superpower Marie-Laure says she wants is "to bring peace to everyone's hearts". Arguably she already has that power and you'll experience it when she guides you through one of her yoga sessions.

Join Marie-Laure for one of her classes or request a private booking in Ibiza.

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