5 Top Fitness Trends In London

Top 5 Fitness Trends In London

Fitness fads come and go (do you remember the Thigh Master and Jazzercise?). I have lived in London since 2011 and have seen some big changes on the fitness scene. Indoor cycling became very popular (and still is). Functional fitness, Power Plate, tabata, and kettlebells have all had a turn in the spotlight. So what can we expect for the summer of 2017?

1 Free Running Clubs

Nike, Adidas, The Running Works, and Advent Running all offer sessions throughout the week to work on speed, hills, endurance and strength. Run DEM created a running family (rather than club) a few years back but now global brands are hopping on the running wave with big budgets and advertising to bring in celebrity trainers, hold amazing one-off events in uber-cool secret locations, and create a loyal customer base.

2 CrossFit Games and StrongWoman competitions

CrossFit is a strong community of members who enjoy working hard and playing hard. The next step for them is to compete. The stages begin with local open rounds, where athletes compete at their local box and submit scores online. Regionals bring together the top athletes in 17 regions and finally ends with The Games to find the Fittest on Earth™. The events include various tests of functional movements. Strong Women competitions are coming more into vogue now, giving #ladieswholift a way to focus their training and give purpose to hitting new PBs.

Top 5 Fitness Trends in London - crossfit

3 Corporate Wellness

Finally, employees are getting affordable and accessible fitness classes at work. Exercise In The City offers classes in corporate settings. It is well documented that exercise reduces stress, helps you sleep better, and can give your energy a boost. In the workplace, it can also allow for networking between departments, boost morale, and help employees find a work-life balance resulting in fewer days off and increased productivity. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

4 Express Classes

For those that don’t have the luxury of exercise classes at work, they can sneak out of the office for a 30 min class on their lunch break and get back to their desk for a quick al desco. Yoga, HIIT, pilates, dance, spin- you name it, you can find it in a neat small package. The classes are usually more intense so attendees can get the same sweaty satisfaction but in half the amount of time.

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5 Portable Protein

Now, more than ever, super market shelves are stocked with the latest and greatest ways to consume protein on the go. If you have a sweet tooth, Mars bars just released protein versions of both Mars and Snickers chocolate bars. For those who follow a paleo lifestyle or prefer savoury snacks, Fori meat snack bars are just what you are looking for to get some protein in quick. Another options comes from Ronzo, who make a flapjack with cricket flour, which provides a natural protein source. If you would rather drink your protein, For Goodness Shakes has a new line of protein water, free of sugar or fat. Finally, there are new coconut water brands, such as CocoPro, which stand out because they offer protein along with nutrients to hydrate the body.

As a personal trainer or sports instructor, it is important to keep an eye on what trends are popular in your area and then incorporate them into your offerings to attract new business. If you own a studio, look for ways to offer competitive pricing (such as off peak memberships) and short powerful classes at lunchtime. If you are a freelance PT, start cold calling offices to encourage them to hire you as an employee benefit. Finally, offer the opportunity to compete in weight lifting competitions to your private clients as a way to add purpose to their programming and provide a deadline to achieve.

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