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Top Destinations for Active Holidays

Vacation with benefits, anyone? At OffPeaks, every now and again we have the urge to wedge into our wetsuit or cram in our crampons and jump on a plane. Maybe you too are looking for your next vacation to offer you the chance to practice your sport or go on an adventure? Whether you’re a snow bunny or a beach bum, we have something for you as we share our choice destinations for active holidays.

Top destinations for active holidays

Chamonix, France
: mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, ice-climbing, paragliding

In a recent interview, trail runner and outdoors enthusiast Anton Krupicka, recently declared Chamonix as “a special place, the global home of mountain culture, the birth place of alpinism.” Quite a testament to this mountain haven, where in summer or winter, sport is the order of the day.

Not just a mecca for trail runners like Anton, Chamonix grew to prominence in the 19th century. Climbers would come from all over the world to attempt to summit Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak. In the summer, paragliding is increasingly popular, with breathtaking views of the valley from on high.

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Jackson Hole, USA
Sports: running, climbing, river rafting, horse riding, skiing, snowboarding, hiking

In his book ‘The Cool Impossible’, running coach Eric Orton describes Jackson Hole as an “adventure-sports paradise.” With, “sweeping and majestic landscapes… the mountains, the Snake River running its sinuous course through the valleys, the burnished tans and greens of the headlands.” It certainly sounds like paradise to us.

You might be off the map somewhat in Jackson Hole, but this certainly is an excellent stop for fans of the outdoors. From snow sports in the Grand Teton Range in Winter to rafting on the white water in Summer. There’s something for everyone here. Jackson is a short flight from Denver or Salt Lake City and well worth the connecting flight.


Goa, India
Sports: trekking, hiking, white water-rafting, surfing, scuba-diving, yoga, canyoning, biking

Goa may be world renowned for its festive atmosphere, but did you know it is also a popular destination for adventure activities? In addition to the pristine beaches for an array of water sports, there are places for trekking, hiking and canyoning.

Very few white-water rafting trips top that of the Mandovi River. Or keeping things wet and wild, why not experience top class scuba diving at Grande Island? And then only sit back and relax on one of the beautiful beaches!


Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Sports: kayak, scuba, parasailing, kitesurfing, climbing, paddle-boarding, surfing, sea trek

We’re not sure exactly what ‘sea-trek’ is but Gran Canaria is apparently a choice location to find out! What we also know is that the island with an average annual temperature of 24 degrees is a mecca for sports enthusiasts. With fabulous peaks, scenic beaches and stunning inland terrain, Gran Canaria really is the explorers’ playground and really does offer an adventure.

Why not windsurf in Pozo Izquierdo? Learn to deep sea dive in Arinaga? Or climb the fantastic ranges of Roque Nublo? Go check it out. We’ll meet you there!


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Naxos, Greece
Sports: kitesurf, windsurf, surfing, hiking, paragliding, scuba, canoe, kayaking

Naxos is the largest island in the Greek Cyclades and home to Mount Zeus, the highest peak in the Cyclades. A fertile land, it is a popular destination for those fans of Greek mythical culture. But it’s also a surfers’ paradise – people travel from around the world to practice kitesurfing and windsurfing on the island’s Northern and Eastern beaches.

Other water-based options are canoe and sea kayaking all around the Island. Or head to the Plaka area for some top class diving and scuba. Naxos is served by its own airport, however we recommend hopping around the Greek Islands by ferry to experience all the Aegean has in Hellenic delights.


Es Canar, Ibiza
Sports: yoga, hiking, kayaking, paddle-boarding

Looking for something a little more holiday and along the lines of relaxation and mediation rather than white water rafting? How about a trip to the beautiful destination island of Ibiza. If water is your thing, why not get involved in some of the excellent water sports before retreating for some R&R beach time. Alternatively, why not clear the mind, breathe the fresh air and stretch it our with some yoga and meditation.

Let us introduce you to Eider Gisbert. From sunset yoga on the beach to down-dog in the mountains, Eider knows the best places to practise in Ibiza. Yoga with Eider Rodriguez.


Whether up a mountain, under the sea or traversing epic rivers. Whatever your sporting escapade, hit up the local guides and instructors to really get the best from your OffPeaks adventure.

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